Quick 5.0 and Changing Paces – RunLog 2-19-14

I am getting bad at writing up my RunLog entries on the same day lately, between watching the Olympic Recaps, Celtics on late and playing around with my new TomTom GPS watch (and reading the owner’s manual – yes I read it), I didn’t write-up yesterday’s run.

Looking up the driveway 2-19-14
Looking up the driveway 2-19-14

With everything going on, yesterday, clearing the yard, walking the dog and finishing up a post that I have thought about for months – I missed the Central Maine Striders Group run for the third run in a row.

It was just a long, busy day.

RA Stats 2-19-14
RA Stats 2-19-14

It was not one of those great runs, it was simply a quick 5.0 miler where I did 5 laps close to the house. The roads had cleared for most part, even though at the end of the run, there was a glaze forming on the melt sections of roads.

Even so, I still felt good and was running comfortably hard during the run.

Changing Paces

One thing that I did yesterday is look at my pacing chart and updated it to show my last race times, not where I was last September and here are the results.

McMillan Pace Calculator 2-19-14
McMillan Pace Calculator 2-19-14

The paces are slower and probably more of a reflection of my current level of fitness, than the previous chart I was using. This is something that I needed to do, I had based the previous chart more on what I where I want to be than where I am.

Which I know is not how you are supposed to do it, but I was still in my denial state of being and wanting to believe I am able improve as quickly and to do things I did at  25, not what I can do at 56.

It is that old Aging Athlete Syndrome (AAS) that gets the better of me every so often and I have to fight against its effects on my training and pull the reins back to make sure that I am not doing too much.

Just one of those photos you get by accident
Just one of those photos you get by accident

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