12.0 Miles in the Sun Done – RunLog 2-22-14

Today was a GORGEOUS DAY!!!!!


As you can see the sun was shining, it was 50F degrees, no parka, no heavy mittens/gloves, just a wind breaker (the breeze was still chilly coming off the snow), long-sleeved tech shirt, compression shorts, running tights, my N1 Trails, ball cap and sunglasses.

It was a good day to run, unless you tried to run snowmobile trails, which is what downback has turned into since they can’t plow down there anymore, which I think is great!!!

This is actually the dirt road down back, but now it is just a snowmobile trail – ain’t it great

By the time I got to run on it, is was as another runner in blog said “it was like running on mashed potatoes”, I agree, with the occasional post-holing that happens when the weather warms up. I will take it though – it felt good after all the cold and nasty weather we have had lately.

Once I got over to Tiffany Road, the roads were fairly clear, although until I got on the River Road, if you had to get on the shoulder instead of playing chicken with the on coming traffic, it was a combination of puddles, snow, wet, muddy, icy and everything in between. So going into the shoulders meant that you had to pay attention or there was a pretty opportunity for face-planting or landing on your ass.

Here are the stats for the run

RA Stats 2-22-14
RA Stats 2-22-14

After yesterday’s faster run, I purposely wanted to go slower and just ran easy. The first mile was pretty tough, even with my trail shoes on, but it was a lot better than it would have been in road shoes.

After going down Goodhue Hill, I found a nice rhythm and hovered right around a 9:00 minute pace. I didn’t push and just ran comfortably. At around 7.0 miles, I thought that my L.Achilles was going to start barking at me. Coming down Town Farm Road I had sped up a little, but after that reminder I slowed back down and it went back to sleep.

Something is telling me that while I can run half marathon distances and beyond, I can not race them. It seems that every time I attempt to push the pace that somewhere between 7-9 miles my Achilles begins to bother and I have no choice but to slow down.

However, if I just keep a steady 9:00 minute mile pace, I can go for a long time, pretty much pain-free. So racing might be 10K and below and above that will just be for running and to enjoy the experience.

Now to get my mind to accept this.

We will see on this one.

If only we could just keep this kind of weather, I would be so happy, but with the cold temps returning next week, I have a feeling that tomorrow’s workout will be shoveling the garage roof, 24′ x 48′ with a couple of feet of snow on it. Just part of living up heah, but it will be a helluva upper body workout and one I don’t look forward to anymore – ever since I fell shoveling the roof a few years ago, it just doesn’t interest me.

3 thoughts on “12.0 Miles in the Sun Done – RunLog 2-22-14

  1. Glad you got in a run today – it was a great day for it! Definitely needed to dress for lower temps than the thermometer here as well – snow on the ground and quite windy. But still … I’ll take it, especially since it won’t last!

    Be careful on that roof tomorrow!

    1. Yeah i screwed up my lower back, crushed the soleous and twisted a knee like a pretzel back in 2007, but nothing permanent. Just a lot more careful nowadays on them. 🙂

      Yeah it is scary and there isn’t anything you can do until they hit 😦

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