Week In Review – 2/23/14

Yesterday, I didn’t run, not because of any problems or issues, it was because I KNEW that I had to shovel the garage roof. There was 2-3 feet of heavy, wet snow on it (especially after the bad rain storm on Friday),  which meant that it had to be done.

I have been procrastinating it because I hate shoveling the roof, (I don’t bounce well anymore) and since I fell off the roof in 2007, I do not have that “it isn’t a big deal attitude, like I used to”.  So I got on the roof and shoveled for almost 3 hours – GREAT whole body workout and I was toast after it was done.

After shoveling roof 2-23-14
After shoveling roof 2-23-14

The weather is still the big story with my running, it seems it either it is cold as hell or the footing so treacherous, that you don’t want to run outside, although Saturday’s run was in great weather. Hopefully, after next week the weather will break and get back to average temps for this time of year.

I did get my new TomTom GPS watch and I am liking it a lot, so far. It has a few quirks that I am getting used to, but it does what I want and seems to be very accurate.

Weekly Summary

RA Weekly Summary 2-23-14
RA Weekly Summary 2-23-14


RA Equipment 2-23-14
RA Equipment 2-23-14

Pearl Izumi EM/N2 — 50 mile review. A couple of treadmill runs. They are very comfortable for running and creeping up on that 200 mile mark, without any noticeable wear and tear.

Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trails50 Mile Review. The N1’s are my primary outside running shoe, they the only shoes that I have that are suited to the varied conditions that are part of winter running and I can run any distance in them that I run – comfortably.

Pearl Izumi EM/N2 Road 8.5 — Mostly using them for faster paced runs on the treadmill for now.

Skechers GoRun2 — While they have not been officially retired, I haven’t run in them for a long time and they sit in my gym locker as emergency shoes.

Skechers GoRun Ride2’s (Orange/Gray) 200 Mile Review. and 400 Mile Review — They have been officially retired from running, the interior by the heels is starting to wear, so I won’t be running in them anymore.

My primary running shoes are the Pearl Izumi N1 Trails and N2 Roads BY1. I continue to like the smoothness and how they feel when I am running in them.

It is nice to have two brands of running shoes that I can run well in.


The right knee barks at me from time-to-time and my hamstrings are still not doing everything as well as I would like. My left Achilles issues continues to stay in the 80% healed range and I need to get back to doing more mobility exercises.

Shoveling snow left me sore and tired and being up on the slanted roof irritated my Achilles a little, so I will wait and see how it feels, before going ahead just blindly following “the plan”.

The reality is that

The last week was another tough winter running week, where I needed to be flexible and just do what felt right that day based on the weather and how I felt. Overall it was a pretty good week.

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