Snowmobile Trail Run – RunLog 2-27-14

Snowmobile Trails 2-27-14
Snowmobile Trails 2-27-14

Okay, it is stilllllll chilly, 27F with 10-15 mph winds out of the SSW, so running in the woods on trails was welcome, because while I was in the woods, the wind wasn’t an issue.

Except coming back,  when it was in my face for the last 3 miles – oh well just part of running outside.

Where have I been for past few days?

I took them off.

Wait a minute this wasn’t part of the plan.

Nope, but that roof shoveling on Sunday got my attention in a bad way and then when I pushed through an 8.0 mile treadmill run in the low 8’s was probably overdoing it. So I decided, with a help and advice commands from TheWife to take it easy for a couple of days. 

As usual she was right and even though I stepped on the treadmill on Tuesday – to be hones I did feel good enough to run and then yesterday, I kept thinking to myself that I could just go out and run a couple, but never did.

Actually I needed the two days off and am glad that I didn’t run, even though I thought seriously about it both days.

RA Stats 2-27-14
RA Stats 2-27-14

Today, I knew that I was going to run and running on the snowmobile trails just seemed right. The trail itself was in great shape and I kept right around a 9:00 minute pace most of the way – at least until the last 2.0 miles, then I petered out.


Running on the trails is different than running on the treadmill or roads and my legs did feel it.


Overall, I felt good, didn’t push and enjoyed the views.

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