A Few More Changes

I have changed things up, just a bit around here. I know that I have never been one to stick for a long, long time with a certain theme and I like the brighter ones, with a lot of widgets and crap on the landing page and in the sidebar.

However, when I visit other blogs that use multiple bright colors or too much “stuff” on the sidebar(s), I find them distracting and tend to use browser extensions to cut the distractions or click-out of the tab.

If I do this myself, then how to do people who try to read my colorful blog theme and all those useless widgets feel about them?

  • Probably the same as I do – They cannot or do not really focus on reading what has been written and click-out.

While I am attempting to make my blog, “my blog” and have it show my preference for bright colors and show some of my eclectic personality, I still have to make it so the people who visit A Runnah’s Story, can read the posts without being unnecessarily distracted or frustrated by my choice of colorways.

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Still Freaking Cold – RunLog 2-28-14

My last run in February was done where far too many of my runs have been this winter – on the treadmill.

Weather 2-28-14
Weather 2-28-14

I had planned on doing a run into TheWife’s work today, but with the wind chills in the single digits or below, I just couldn’t bring myself to run for almost 2 hours in those conditions. First, there were safety considerations, which take precedence over anything else and second, my heart just wasn’t in running in that kind of cold today. Continue reading “Still Freaking Cold – RunLog 2-28-14”