A Few More Changes

I have changed things up, just a bit around here. I know that I have never been one to stick for a long, long time with a certain theme and I like the brighter ones, with a lot of widgets and crap on the landing page and in the sidebar.

However, when I visit other blogs that use multiple bright colors or too much “stuff” on the sidebar(s), I find them distracting and tend to use browser extensions to cut the distractions or click-out of the tab.

If I do this myself, then how to do people who try to read my colorful blog theme and all those useless widgets feel about them?

  • Probably the same as I do – They cannot or do not really focus on reading what has been written and click-out.

While I am attempting to make my blog, “my blog” and have it show my preference for bright colors and show some of my eclectic personality, I still have to make it so the people who visit A Runnah’s Story, can read the posts without being unnecessarily distracted or frustrated by my choice of colorways.

The theme I am using now seems to meet my requirements, it is a simple theme that has a touch of color and a customizable header, with my sidebar widgets at the bottom of the page.

ARS Theme photo 2-28-14
ARS Theme photo 2-28-14 – still not that happy with this header, so I keep looking for the one that I really like.

Over the past month, I have focused on simplifying my theme and reducing/eliminating many widgets that either duplicate other information or serve no benefit to those who visit here. I have tried several different themes, hell I even kept a few for a little while, only to find out for one reason or other, that the theme did not work the way that I thought it was going to or the information that I want easily available wasn’t.

ARS Widgets 2-28-14
ARS Widgets 2-28-14

I am going against the grain or usual advice of the blogging experts and basically got rid of my sidebar and put a much simpler variety of widgets in place. It just makes for a much cleaner looking blog and allows readers to focus on reading, not what is in the sidebar.

As I get new race photos or other photos, I plan to keep updating the header and will put it on random when I have a few more race photos from this year.

This winter, I have an idea that me lying in the fetal position holding a broken or is that smashed thermometer in a snow bank, might be the best header image I could use – oh well if you can’t tell I am getting tired of winter. However, winter will end eventually and the term Polar Vortex will become simply another memory, but it is not going to go easily or quickly.

If you are a reader and would like to subscribe to my blog either via RSS or email, the links are at the bottom of the post, along with other information.

More importantly, how do you feel about this blog theme?

  • Does it meet your needs?
  • Do you find that reading my posts are easier and you are less distracted with muting the colorways down considerably and getting rid of the sidebar, allow you to focus more?

Thanks for letting me know your thoughts.

I am interested in hearing what you have to say.

4 thoughts on “A Few More Changes

  1. I really like this theme – clean and simple, which is what I prefer. I have never liked the MySpace or 90s themes that even today some sites use – loaded up with too many widgets, trying to monetize so hard I can’t keep the site under control as I scroll.

  2. I much prefer your clean and simple approach. Maybe its my age, but I find all the flashing side-bar items a distraction. And really….I know where and what I am going to purchase and aren’t swayed but the ads.

    1. Thank you, the more I look the more I agree with the distractions that a sidebar brings. All the ads don’t do anything for me, like you I pretty much know where I am going to buy something and unless I want to support the site by purposely clicking through their ad, I ignore them.

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