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Month: March 2014

Week In Review – 3/16/14

This week started out like it was going to be one of those weeks where I would be lucky to get in 20 miles, because I started out with 2 […]

Reminder Vs Force – RunLog 3-27-14

Remember this: reminder versus force – it is very important. Today it looked like a GREAT day, at least when looking out the window, only problem is it wasn’t as […]

CMS Group Run – RunLog 3-26-14

Today was a couple of firsts: My first Central Maine Striders Nooner Group Run in a while and my first run in the new to me Newton Energy’s I was […]

$%&@!&% TIRED of Winter

I don’t know about everyone else, but I am $%&@!&% TIRED of winter, cold and snow. Yet another I am tired of winter post – how boring! What’s wrong Harold […]

11.0 Done – RunLog 3-21-14

After taking yesterday off, because I was just toast, I almost, almost took today off too. This morning I was still feeling yechhhh and tired and when I stopped by […]

Week In Review – 3/16/14

This has been one of those consistently inconsistent weeks. The snow storm about did me in with all the snow removal and the continued cold weather is finally getting to […]