March 2014 – Glad it is OVER

The cold, long winter finally got to me during the middle of of March.

4:00 PM Bennie walk on 3-12-14
4:00 PM Bennie walk on 3-12-14

Yeah – me that guy that loves to run, had to force myself to go outside to run. I had “run” directly into the dreaded winter running funk.

The cold, nasty weather just sucked the will to run, you know that mojo thing, right out of me. Even though I sort of kept running, finally I resorted to retail therapy to snap myself out of the funk that I was in. There is something about researching, shopping, then getting a new pair of running shoes that motivates me to run more and which in turn hauled my ass out of the funk that I was getting in. Continue reading “March 2014 – Glad it is OVER”

Experimenting and Race Pace Intervals – RunLog 3-31-14

Mondays are my race pace or faster training days, where I usually run intervals on the treadmill or at the track and to be honest, I was glad that I had planned on being inside today.

When I got up it wasn’t raining yet, but as soon as we got through walking Bennie, the sleet and freezing rain came in with a vengeance. The photo I took was about 3 hours later:

After 3 hours of sleet and freezing rain - 3-31-14
After 3 hours of sleet and freezing rain – 3-31-14

There is no way I would have run on this stuff, it was hard enough to just walk on it and my 2.0 mile walk with Bennie had more than a couple of interesting slips and slides. Even with YakTrax, MicroSpikes or ScrewShoes it would not have been a good run , there was just too much ice. When we got to the snowmobile trail we both decided very quickly to go back to the slippery road, the snowmobile trails were horrible and worse. Continue reading “Experimenting and Race Pace Intervals – RunLog 3-31-14”

Week In Review – 3/16/14

This week started out like it was going to be one of those weeks where I would be lucky to get in 20 miles, because I started out with 2 consecutive days of no running and I didn’t have any inclination to get off my ass and out the door. However, I had been doing a lot of research on what I wanted for a pair of running shoes to add to my shoe ration and on Tuesday did some retail running shoe therapy (see post) and finally got my head on right. I started running more consistently as the week went on and as the weather improved it seemed to get me out of my funk.


The weather is slowly improving, notice I said slowly, it was still pretty damn chilly at the start of the week.

CMS Group Run 3-26-14
CMS Group Run 3-26-14

I did make it back to my first Central Maine Striders Group Run in a long time and had a lot of fun. I didn’t realize how much fun running with the group was and how much I missed it. However, I will be glad when we can do it in shorts and t-shirt weather.

It was a good week and I am starting to get my mojo back for running – that the long winter seemed to have sapped away over the last couple of weeks. Continue reading “Week In Review – 3/16/14”

Beautiful Day for A Run – RunLog 3-29-14

Gorgeous day! Right around 50F, with a breeze out of the north, not used to the warmth and overdressed, but we get back to the new normal tomorrow and Monday – Freezing Rain, slush, nasty weather. Oh well, spring was nice while it lasted :-).

Today was a recovery run, after yesterday’s long run, I just wanted to run easy and be on an easy course. So I did laps up by the house and ran comfortably.

RA - Stats 3-29-14
RA – Stats 3-29-14

Continue reading “Beautiful Day for A Run – RunLog 3-29-14”

Long Run in the Rain – RunLog 3-28-14

Yep it is raining
Yep it is raining

Rain, sweet merciful rain, well sort of merciful. Yes, it was raining, but it was still only 35F with a 10 mph headwind for most of the run = still cold and any other spring I would be whining about how cold it was – this year it felt warm. It depends upon your perspective.

The good thing was — no snow, it wasn’t single digits and I didn’t feel like the kid in a Christmas Story while I was outside running! I still wore hat, ear band, gloves and a windbreaker.

Good things are happening weather-wise and the 5 inches of ice in the driveway is grudgingly giving way to actually being able to see the crushed rock.

Not to bright!

I was dumb today and decided to do my May half marathon course into Augusta, why is it my May course? Well to be blunt – The River Road to Augusta has HILLS (not mountains) and lots of ’em. Continue reading “Long Run in the Rain – RunLog 3-28-14”

What I Learned While Shopping for Running Shoes

Newton Energy 3-27-14
Newton Energy 3-27-14

Over the past couple of weeks I have looked to add a new and different pair of running shoes to my shoe rotation and over that time I have learned a lot, realized that I know more about running shoes than is probably healthy and that finding the “right” shoes, for me at least is a long drawn-out process.

Why is it such an ordeal?

I have weird feet.

Well let’s put it this way, I have a Tailor’s Bunionette on the outside of my right foot that really screws up the fit on 80% of the shoes I try on and since I partially tore my left Achilles tendon last spring, I do not want to go back to zero drop shoes (some of which I really liked – Altra), so that takes out another 5-10%. Then add in low, narrow heels, well you get the picture.

Which means that about 10% of the shoes out there might work for me. Finding the correct shoes in that 10% is the fun part – yeah I am sick and have issues.

So what did I learn or have re-emphasized? Continue reading “What I Learned While Shopping for Running Shoes”

Reminder Vs Force – RunLog 3-27-14

Remember this: reminder versus force – it is very important.

Today it looked like a GREAT day, at least when looking out the window, only problem is it wasn’t as nice as it looked, however it was a hell of a lot better than it has been and I will take 35F with 10-15 mph breeze any day in comparison to the single-digits we have had so much this winter.

The warmer weather even allowed some of the tar sections of the Rail Trail in Augusta to be wet,

Augusta Rail Trail Head
Augusta Rail Trail Head

instead of ice – at least until I got past the 3.5 mile marker going towards Gardiner, when it became ice covered. Continue reading “Reminder Vs Force – RunLog 3-27-14”

Newton Energy – Initial Thoughts

After a long day of trying on way too many running shoes, I ended up with a pair of Newton Energy’s from the Rail Trail Run Shop (see all the gory details here).

Newton Energy
Newton Energy

I got them off the consignment rack and yes they are the women’s model – no that doesn’t bother me. As I stated in my other post, I have run in women’s models several times in the past, they sometimes just fit my feet better (I have narrow heels and a wider forefoot), then the men’s models and as long as the colorway is a Harold shoe, I will wear them. It looked as though the shoes had under 50 miles on them

The Energy’s had the right colorway, fit great, checked off all the requirements I had for a new pair of running shoes and the price was right. So even though my experience with the Newton Gravity’s was not the greatest in the past, I decided the deal was too good to pass up. Instead of going on “ad nauseam” about what happened while I ran in the Gravity’s, you can read about them here: Continue reading “Newton Energy – Initial Thoughts”

CMS Group Run – RunLog 3-26-14

Today was a couple of firsts:

  • My first Central Maine Striders Nooner Group Run in a while
  • and my first run in the new to me Newton Energy’s

I was impressed, as windy as it was with the huge Nor’easter off the coast, there were 6 other runners and there was a lot of talking, laughing and gabbing.

CMS Group Run 3-26-14
CMS Group Run 3-26-14

Barry, Patrick, Greg, Tracey, Julie and (I am terrible with remembering names) Tracey’s husband (sorry) Patrick (thanks Julie & Greg). The biggest group so far that I have run with at noon. Continue reading “CMS Group Run – RunLog 3-26-14”

My Process for Shopping for New Running Shoes

IMG_20140325_141351_596Everyone has their own method to shop for new running shoes and below is the process, yes process that I use to find the next great pair of running shoes for me.

What I do is not what everyone else does, but it works for me, but before it is all done, I have tried on a LOT of running shoes.

First I think about what I am going to use the shoe for. Will I be using them for roads, trails, racing, or some combination of the three. What my experience with the brands and styles I have used recently has been, what worked for me, what didn’t and then I put together a list of features that I am looking for in the shoes I want to buy.

I usually ask others for ideas on running shoes that I should be using in Groups, my blog and from other local runners. Then I develop a list of running shoes that I want to research more.

Then I go to the local stores (I prefer to shop locally when possible) to see what they have and if they do not have anything that I want to run in, I make plans to go down to Portland (Maine not Oregon) and see what they have down south.

Continue reading “My Process for Shopping for New Running Shoes”