Treadmill Speed Workout Done — RunLog 3-3-14

IMG_20140303_095922_177After yesterday’s long run and doing 30 miles in 3 days, I wasn’t sure what kind of run today would end up being.

The only thing that I was positive about was that it was going to be done on the treadmill.

Yeah, it is still cold and the wind chills are just not what I felt like playing in today.

So any way, I was scheduled for a speed workout of some kind. Since I have pretty much decided to not run the Chamberlain Half or the Race the Runways Half (I am opting for the 5k’s if anything instead), some conscious decisions that I am making about my running and getting off the I “have to” race long bandwagon. Yeah I could do them, but you know something – while I like running longer runs on my own, the cost of running half’s is just getting to be too much and I am also starting to realize that I do not need to race long to be happy with my running.

Which means that I am going to do things a little differently than I have been and I have to figure that out…and will over the course of this week.

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Week In Review – 3/2/14

Snowmobile Trails 2-27-14
Snowmobile Trails 2-27-14

Shoveling that damn roof over a week ago slowed me down for a couple of days – you know that DOM’s thing – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or is that I am woefully out of shape for that kind of work. I have a feeling that is sadly the case.

I can only speak for myself, but I do not do all that much heavy physical labor like that very often.

The weather is still too damn cold, but by the end of this week it is supposed to warm up a little to more seasonable temps. At least I really hope so, I am sick and tired of being cold as hell every time I try to get outside and do stuff.

Even the dog isn’t thrilled about going outside for a walk right now.

I have been running more on the snowmobile trails, which I enjoy, so that is something that was good, but this multiple layers thing is getting pretty old.

My pace was slower than it has been outside this past week, which was a combination of things but I really think, when running outside the cold has just (1) gotten into my head and (2) it has worn me down.

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