Week In Review – 3/16/14

This has been one of those consistently inconsistent weeks.

Bennie saying enough is enough
Bennie saying enough is enough-do we really have to go outside this morning?

The snow storm about did me in with all the snow removal and the continued cold weather is finally getting to me. You know that the conditions for running outside are not great when they cancel a half/5K race that I had originally planned to run this year, due to public safety concerns.

Luckily on Saturday it did get up into the 40’s and I was able to wear my shorts during my long run, even though it wasn’t the greatest of conditions.

At the same time there was a lot more cold and this morning’s 2F and feels like -7F is getting old. I know that I will be glad when the snow is gone and the temps are routinely in the 50’s overnight and I only get on the treadmill because I want to, not because I have to.

Weekly Summary

Weekly summary 3-16-14
Weekly summary 3-16-14
RA Summary 3-16-14
RA Summary 3-16-14


Gear Review 3-16-14
Gear Review 3-16-14

Pearl Izumi EM/N2 — 50 mile review. Still being used for the treadmill, roads are starting to clear, but the shoulders are still too bad to use these outside right now.

Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trails50 Mile Review and 200 Mile Review. Did a 14.5 miler in them this week in nasty melting snow/ice wet, slushy running conditions – no issues, blisters or anything. Just a shoe that works great for me.

Pearl Izumi EM/N2 Road 8.5 — No runs in these this week

Skechers GoRun2 — These are my emergency locker running shoes.


Tired, tired, tired. I have been fighting something nasty for a while (probably a little worn-down from the looooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg winter) and then doing all that snow removal Thursday really took something out of me. Even though I think I fought off whatever it was and forced myself to run a nice long run by Sunday – I was toast and after lunch I sat down in my recliner and promptly went to sleep until 3:00 PM and didn’t do much more than walk Bennie all day. I might take a quick 30 minute nap in the afternoon, but a 3 hour nap and still feel like crap is not like me.

Actual injuries – No changes here – which is a good thing. The right knee barks at me from time-to-time and my hamstrings are still not doing everything as well as I would like. My left Achilles continues to stay in the 80% healed range (which is about as much as I think I am going to get back).

The reality is that

Warning – Repeat from last week. The last week was another tough winter running week, but there were a few days that were decent weather. So I am starting to see signs of spring or at least winter lessening its grip. However, we are still below average for this time of year and I needed to be flexible and just do what felt right that day based on the weather and how I felt.