Long Run in the Rain – RunLog 3-28-14

Yep it is raining
Yep it is raining

Rain, sweet merciful rain, well sort of merciful. Yes, it was raining, but it was still only 35F with a 10 mph headwind for most of the run = still cold and any other spring I would be whining about how cold it was – this year it felt warm. It depends upon your perspective.

The good thing was — no snow, it wasn’t single digits and I didn’t feel like the kid in a Christmas Story while I was outside running! I still wore hat, ear band, gloves and a windbreaker.

Good things are happening weather-wise and the 5 inches of ice in the driveway is grudgingly giving way to actually being able to see the crushed rock.

Not to bright!

I was dumb today and decided to do my May half marathon course into Augusta, why is it my May course? Well to be blunt – The River Road to Augusta has HILLS (not mountains) and lots of ’em. Continue reading “Long Run in the Rain – RunLog 3-28-14”

What I Learned While Shopping for Running Shoes

Newton Energy 3-27-14
Newton Energy 3-27-14

Over the past couple of weeks I have looked to add a new and different pair of running shoes to my shoe rotation and over that time I have learned a lot, realized that I know more about running shoes than is probably healthy and that finding the “right” shoes, for me at least is a long drawn-out process.

Why is it such an ordeal?

I have weird feet.

Well let’s put it this way, I have a Tailor’s Bunionette on the outside of my right foot that really screws up the fit on 80% of the shoes I try on and since I partially tore my left Achilles tendon last spring, I do not want to go back to zero drop shoes (some of which I really liked – Altra), so that takes out another 5-10%. Then add in low, narrow heels, well you get the picture.

Which means that about 10% of the shoes out there might work for me. Finding the correct shoes in that 10% is the fun part – yeah I am sick and have issues.

So what did I learn or have re-emphasized? Continue reading “What I Learned While Shopping for Running Shoes”