CMS Wednesday Group Run – RunLog 4-2-14

WOW! What a great day for a run, shorts and long sleeve tech shirt weather.

I got to do my first Central Main Striders Nooner Group run in shorts with three others:

Barry, Patrick and Brian
After the run Barry, Patrick and Brian. No Patrick is not crying because we punished him so badly on the run, I think he was trying not to laugh too hard at me and the fluorescent colors I was wearing which were blinding him in the sunlight 😉

I even managed to get into a photo, without breaking the camera.

Yes, Patrick is still sitting down
Yes, Patrick is still sitting down

It was a good run and you know guys, who are all just sort-of competitive, well a little. It was a little faster than I needed to go and as long as they slowed down every so often going up the hills, I was able to keep up and even push the pace a little on the downhill sections. Actually today, I think I may have, well possibly, just maybe pushed the pace a little bit on that last mile – not something the others couldn’t have passed me without any problems. However, they just picked up their pace a little and I believe that let me stay a little in front to make me feel good.

I know that it will be the only time that would ever be in front of these guys, but still I gotta take my moments when I can. hehehehe

This was the course we ran today and it is one of my favorite 5+ routes in Waterville.

RA - Course Map 4-2-14
RA – Course Map 4-2-14

You get a chance to get warmed up, then climb steadily the elevation rise on the chart is deceptive (it really is not that steep) and the last part is mostly downhill. I am finding that I am running down hills a lot better than I used to. Still not sure why, but maybe it is compensation for sucking so bad at the uphills.

Here are the stats for the run:

RA - Stats 4-2-14
RA – Stats 4-2-14

A harder run than yesterday’s and I know that the last 2.5 miles, I was working pretty hard. Hell, who am I kidding, I was working pretty hard the whole run.

Overall a very, very good run and one I would not have done nearly as well doing, if I hadn’t been running with the guys. However, tomorrow I know that I am going to definitely need an easy run and then get ready for Friday’s long run. I decided after a lot of back and forth to not run Race the Runways. I had until tonight to finally make my decision and while it would have been fun to do it again this year, I just didn’t feel like doing a “big” race right now.

Barry, Patrick, Brian at the CMS Group run 4-2-14
Barry, Patrick, Brian at the CMS Group run 4-2-14


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