Newton Energy – 50 Mile Review

Yep – it is that time again, I have put over 50 miles on a pair of running shoes and am going o write about my experience with the Newton Energy’s.

Newton Energy's
Newton Energy’s

Let’s be up front about my relationship with Newton Running.

  • I do not have any.
  • I purchased the Newton Energy’s with my own money. They were on sale in the consignment section of the Rail Trail Run Shop in Augusta, Maine.
  • The comments in this post were a result of actually wearing and running in the Newton Energy’s and are my own experiences.

Below are the types of runs that I have done in these shoes over those miles.

RA-Energy Runs 4-4-14
RA-Energy Runs 4-4-14
RA-Energy Mileage 4-4-14
RA-Energy Mileage 4-4-14

So I have done all of the different types of runs that I typically do in a road running shoe in the Energy’s. Right up until the long run on 4/4/14, they performed quite well on all of the runs. On that run (see post), I seemed to never find any degree of comfort and they bothered me from the first mile.

Spoiler Alert – That was my last run in the Energy’s. If a shoe makes my feet feel that bad on a run, I do not run in them again.

Which is too bad, because most of my runs in them they were fine and this review’s first couple of drafts had been very positive about the Energy’s and how well they were working for me. If I had finished the review on time, it would have been a very different review and the tone would have been very positive.


The model that I bought is the woman’s model of the Energy in a woman’s size 10, that’s right a guy running in woman’s shoes. I have worn woman’s models successfully in the past – most of the time a woman’s model heel is narrower, which is a good thing for me, but it also means that all too often the toe box is too narrow. So if I can find a model that fits the toe box and if the colorway is something that I would wear, they usually work quite well.

Newton Energy 3-27-14
Newton Energy 3-27-14

It will be interesting to see how the men’s 8.5 or 9.0 in the Energy’s fit me compared to the woman’s 10, if I can ever find someone who carries it locally, without having to special order it and them then be stuck with it, if it doesn’t fit me.

Either way, the woman’s size 10 length-wize is perfect and I didn’t experience the heel slip that many runners/bloggers commented about in the men’s model. So maybe the woman’s model has a narrower heel cup??? I couldn’t find any information on the Newton website if the woman’s model is built on a special woman’s last or is simply a re-sized men’s model with a “B” width instead of the typical men’s “D”???? Something that I was going to do more research on later, but now am not going to worry about it.

The toe box is right on the edge of being wide-enough/not wide-enough to accommodate my Tailor’s Bunionette. I can feel a snugness that makes me notice my right foot on a run, but at the same time it hasn’t moved to uncomfortable levels, which is good, but not quite what I want. I am still paying too much attention to how my foot feels, instead of just running in the damn things. I experimented with different insoles, something that that other runners have done successfully. however, after trying 4 other insoles, I went back to the stock Energy insoles, because I liked the feeling that it provided better than the others.

Newton Energy 3-27-14
Newton Energy 3-27-14

Some of the problems I had with the Energy’s on that long run were related to the width of the shoe, but it was strange how after 60 miles of having a very positive experience running in them, the Energy’s just suddenly stopped working for me – very strange.


All I know is that the shoes did bother my Tailor’s Bunionette over the last 5.0 miles of that long run, which means they are not wide enough for me.


Cushioned Feel – After running in Pearl Izumi EM line shoes most of the winter, the Newton Energy’s are a much more cushioned feeling shoe, which is what I was looking for to add to my daily running shoe rotation. They do not have the cushioned feel of the Schechers GoRun Ride 2’s, it is somewhere between the two brands/styles.

Lightweight – Coming in around 7 oz. (according to the Newton Running website), they are at the lighter end of my lightweight trainer scale and lighter than many of my racing flats have been. I have used them for half marathon race pace or faster workouts and they performed well enough for me, although they do not have the “snap” that a true racing flat has and many would say they are too soft for faster-paced racing or training runs. However, of the shoes I have in the house right now, if I had to chose a pair to run a race (mile to half marathon) tomorrow, I would run in the Energy’s.  not anymore.

Sole – I like the outsole and how it performs while running in a variety of conditions i.e. tar, side of the roads, light trails, or wet roads

Rock collectors – They don’t gain weight during a run, in other words they do not collect rocks, which can be anything from an inconvenience to something you have to stop and remove during a run.

Quiet – They do not slap the ground and with the lugs I expected a little more noise, but I was impressed with how quiet they have been, especially when I am going up hill.

Color ways – I like the yellow-blue-green color way of the woman’s shoe, the men’s colors do not excite me all that much and when I replace them I would have to think about the colors available. I know function before looks, but if sometimes you can get both – why not.


Laces – Something I do with all of my running shoes is add LockLaces, I like the way they fit and how the LockLaces make taking them on and off so easy. However, I am thinking about going to a flat lace with these shoes, as an experiment.


Blisters – None, nada, zero blisters. One good sized blister under the forefoot callous on my left foot and hot spots under the forefoot pads on my right foot, no blisters on my heels, toes, arches or ankles.

Lugs – I did like the feel of the 5 lugs and their lower profile compared to the 4 lugs of the older Gravity’s. They still provide a little extra “pop” when you run in them “correctly”, but do not have the feeling that they penalize me when I get tired during run, when I am not as efficient, which the Gravity’s lug design did for/to me. The lug design in the Energy’s remind me to run a little more efficiently, instead of forcing me to run a certain way – which is a big difference to me. Unfortunately, I believe the lug system also were the primary cause for the blisters and hotspots under my forefoot callous pads.

Wear – I am concerned about the amount of wear on the shoes after 73 miles (I know that the mileage on them when I got them was minimal, because the diamonds on the bottom of the lugs were all there. I have worn them quite a bit in a short time and I had hoped that the wear levels off and that sole wears well after that point.

Trails – I wouldn’t wear them on technical, muddy or rocky trails. Although I wouldn’t hesitate to run in them at Quarry Road (when the mud dries up), but I wouldn’t want to wear them at Bond Brook – what I would run in on those two different trail systems says a lot about what I think of it as a trail shoe and these are definitely a road shoe, not a hybrid shoe.

Replacement Cost – I got these at a bargain price from the consignment rack and honestly is not the price that I will not find them at again. The Engery’s list price of about $120.00, they are at the top of my price range and that cost will be factored into whether I decide to get another pair or not – just the way it is.

The reality is that

The Newton Engery’s are a lightweight trainer that I wore exclusively to get to this 73  mile point and I really thought they were a shoe that I was going to put into my daily rotation. They are a light, quick shoe, that was forgiving when my form broke down later in a run until yesterday.

Unfortunately, they bothered my feet so much on that long run, that I will not be wearing them again.

Newton Energy
Newton Energy

Next week they will be put in the give-away box at the AYC.

Which is really too bad, because I had high hopes for these shoes.

Will I buy another pair? No.

Although the Newton Energy’s did not work for me, based on how they performed until that long run, I have a feeling that they would work quite well for most runners and there have been several glowing reviews by other bloggers who have had a much better experience than I did with the Energy’s. I am glad that I tried them and although I won’t be running in them, I am still looking forward to seeing what Newton does with their shoes in the future.

Well it will be time to start my search again to a pair of running shoes to my daily rotation. I have a feeling that I will be heading down to the Rail Trail Run Shop to check on their new shipment of Skechers GoRun Ride 3’s they got in yesterday afternoon to see if I they fit any better than they did last October. Otherwise it will be back to the drawing board and probably a pair of Asics GelLyte 33’s or the Reebok’s, I talked about in my shoe search post.

What have your experiences been with the Energy’s? Did you like them or not? Why?

Have you ever used the other genders shoes – why? What were the drawbacks/advantages?

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