First 15.0 Miler in the Books This Year – RunLog 4-10-14

Yep, I did 15.12 miles today and I did them in the Brooks Launch. This was really my first run in these shoes, I don’t consider my 1+ mile yesterday a real good sign of how a pair of shoes will do. However, today’s 15.0 miler was a good way to find out how they would work, but more on that in a minute.

Ra-Course Map 4-10-14
Ra-Course Map 4-10-14

I picked a nice sunny day in the low 50’s to do this run, which sounds great, but there was one problem – The Freaking Wind. It was 10-15 mph steady and coming up out of the south – so of course guess which direction I was going – between 80 and 90% of the run was into the wind.

Which made this run a lot more miserable than it should have been, especially when I got into the wind tunnel areas and winds were in the 20-30 mph range. The absolute worst was going over the big bridge over the Kennebec, a couple of times I lost my breath because of the gusts.

So it was a windy run.

How did the Launch do?

No issues during a 15.0 mile run that were related to the shoes. At about 3.0 miles I thought my right foot might start bothering, but it went away and more than a couple of times, I just forgot about them.

Brooks Launch 4-10-14
Brooks Launch 4-10-14

What did I learn about the Launch’s?

  • Very Comfortable
  • Did not bother my tailor’s bunionette
  • Cushioned, but not soft
  • Enough tread that having to get off into the dirt shoulder, was not an adventure
  • They were quiet
  • No issues with heel-to-toe transition – very smooth
  • Rocks did not stick in the sole
  • Gravel and rocks did not bother me while running over them (not a lot of road feel – which I don’t really care about).
  • That I was able to run 15.0 miles in them on my second run in them.
  • Did I say they were comfortable yet?
  • I like the color combination
  • They were fairly lightweight

Was there anything I didn’t like?

  • This is a pretty big stretch, but I thought the laces were a tad too long (big whoop)
  • When walking in them I drag/catch my heel a little heel a little more often, so I do notice the 10mm drop a little compared to my normal 4-6mm drop shoes, not that it is bad, just something I noticed a little.

Otherwise nothing that I noticed on my run today.

This is the way that I want to feel about a running shoe after my first major run in them:

  • impressed,
  • want to run in them again and
  • happy that I got them so far.

Let’s get back to the run

I wasn’t planning on a fast run and wanted at least 13.0 miles at about a 9:00 minute pace was about where I wanted to be.

I thought that I did pretty good coming in with a 9:06 pace for 15.0 in spite of the wind being in my face most of the run and going a couple miles further than I expected.

RA-Stats 4-10-14

You can tell when I hit the wind tunnel sections there is a pretty quick drop-off in the pace in those areas.

I definitely started to hit the wall around 12.0 miles and those extra two miles while faster, were still pretty tough.

The reality is that

I like the Brooks Launch a lot and today’s run was definitely a good one in a new pair of shoes. I really wasn’t expecting to do 15 today, but my feet were not hurting at all and that has been my biggest limiting factor in running longer distances – how my shoes fit.

However, I am not going to get all gaga about these shoes quite yet, while they felt great today, I am going to wait until after my 200 mile review before I anoint them as great running shoes for me. All I can say is that today, they got off on the correct foot.



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