One in Five 5K Recap – 4-13-14

One in Five 5K 4-13-14
One in Five 5K 4-13-14

Hey, I actually raced again!

The first time since the January Thaw 4.5 miler back – well yeah in January.

This was the  first race that I can remember, that once I registered, I didn’t get all freaked out about or have several sleepless night about doing. I thought about it once in a while, but I didn’t just focus on it like I usually do. Hell, I even got some good sleep Friday night and only tossed and turned for after Bennie woke us up at around 1:00 AM to say loudly for about 3 minutes that there were deer in the yard – at least until I turned on the light and slammed the door. They left in a hurry.

After that I tossed and turned and turned and tossed the rest of the night – yeah I got to thinking about the race and couldn’t shut it off. Finally, I went back to sleep around 4:00 AM and woke up around 5:00 AM and just laid there for a while, kind of drifting. I wasn’t really tense or worked-up about the race after I woke up – good news!

Had a bagel w/peanut butter for breakfast (it didn’t sit right).

I only thought about turning around once on the way there, but it was more of a passing thought, than an over-riding need to not go to the race, that I usually experience.

Progress is being made on my old enemy race day anxiety. I don’t know if I have beaten it completely yet, but at least it doesn’t control me like it did for such a long time and I got to enjoy my race today.

When I got my number and swag bag – bummer no t-shirt (I really liked the shirts this year too), I registered too late to get one. Memo to self register earlier next year and yes, I plan to run it again next year.

It was a raw morning, between 35-38F, with an 8-10 mph wind out of the north and a couple of minutes after I finished it started to rain. So it wasn’t a great day, but not a bad day for a run – never a bad day for a run – well almost never.

Did my usual mile warm-up, but there was no, none, zero snap in my legs. They just felt blah, not sore or anything, just nothing there. Not a good sign of things to come for this race.

RA Course 4-13-14 One in Five 5K
RA Course 4-13-14 One in Five 5K

I lined up in the second row and off we went. The first part is straight out of the Thomas College parking lot, not a steep grade, but a deceptive one for the start of a race. Actually it is a pretty flat course for around here and my time should have been faster. My first mile was about where I wanted it to be, but for some reason or other, I just ran like crap the second mile  7:30 pace and never really picked it up on the last mile (although I was passing a few people) at about a 7:20 pace.

I finished 29 of 414 official finishers.

RA Stats 4-13-14
RA Stats 4-13-14


You can see the results on Cool Running and more photos on Maine Running Photos (I will add the link when they are posted)

I just didn’t have any spring in my legs, maybe that 15.0 miler on Thursday was still affecting me more than I thought – but no excuses, I ran as good as I could today and will use this as a nice “where I am now” time trial to know where I need to improve. Hint Hint: race pace mile and 2 mile repeats.

Surprisingly, I finished 1st in my age group, so that was pretty cool, but I have a feeling that was more a result of who didn’t show up for local runners who are faster than I am, than me having a great race. But like they say you have to show up and I will take what I can, when it comes to AG awards.

One in Five 5K AG Award
One in Five 5K AG Award

What did I learn this time:

  • No super long runs in new shoes the week of a race.
  • The Launch are not a 5K race day shoe, they felt great on my feet comfort-wise, but I didn’t feel fast running in them. No snap.
  • That my Achilles didn’t bark at me too much, it liked the slower pace.
  • Bagels are not my friend before a race – need to just stay with my normal oatmeal.
  • Going out to supper and having 12th Anniversary dinner, is probably not  a good pre-race meal, but wouldn’t change it, we had a lot of fun last night.
  • I was over 30 seconds slower in this year’s first 5K 22:39 versus 22:06 last year.
  • I need to work more on speed work/race pace work at longer intervals.
  • That my race anxiety was the lowest it has been in a long time and gives me hope that I can run a few more races this year.

The reality is that

I was not real happy with my time or effort and I think that my gun time of 22:39 was a lot more accurate than the official time of 21:46 (which would have made me feel a lot better about the race). However, this was only the first 5K of the year and I will have several opportunities to do more before 2014 is over.

The Brooks Launch are probably the most comfortable shoes I have run in a long time, but they are not 5K to flat 10K race shoes, but for a hilly 10K or other higher distances, they would be my choice. Very happy with them so far.


It was also great to see, so many people that I have known from around the area, Troy, Tracy, Sue, Mark and others:




Hopefully, this will be a good harbinger of things to come, especially my battles with race anxiety.

After all I can’t be too disappointed with an AG group win and a decent time, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t do better – because I know that I can, but I also need to enjoy the moment too. I did.

One in Five 5K Award and Number
One in Five 5K Award and Number
Official Results One in Five 5K
Official Results One in Five 5K

Thank you to the race director and race volunteers, you all did a GREAT job and I had a lot of fun while participating in the event.

3 thoughts on “One in Five 5K Recap – 4-13-14

  1. Great job Harold! I don’t know why, but I have been reading so many ‘not quite right distance’ posts these past couple weeks … oh well, I guess as GPS technology improves and we become more and more dependent on it, it is only natural!

    1. Thanks Mike. I think the course was a good 5K and with my GPS watch coming in at 3.09 I think just proved it. GPS is only just close enough and shouldn’t be considered the gospel. My only question was the chip timing versus gun time having that big of a gap between the two, means something didn’t work quite right. Especially being in the second row, so I have a feeling that my gun time was probably my real time and based on the GPS mileage and my time, I would believe it more accurate this time. If the course had measured long on a couple of GPS of people I talked with than that would have been something else, but we all came within a .02 of 3.1, so it just makes me smile 😉

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