Not a Patient Runner – RunLog 4-18-14

As you can see from the title, I admit it, I am not all that patient! Others probably would add – not to smaht either.

Especially when it comes to whether I can run or simply suck it up and just freaking run though whatever is going on with my body.

Back on Monday, my right knee really barked pretty loudly at me and when I ran on Tuesday, I knew that it was time to take at least a couple of days off.

My body was telling me enough was enough.

I have a feeling that trying out 3 different running shoe styles over the past few weeks, all the 30-40 mile weeks I have put in this year and trying to run a little faster lately had given me a good case of dead legs and the beginnings of an injury if I didn’t smarten up.  I think that the dead legs during Sunday’s race were a real good clue that I needed some down time and when I didn’t listen all that well on Monday and started to run a little too fast on my recovery run.

Well this old body had enough of me ignoring subtle suggestions to stop and smell the roses once in a while and said – “Okay asshole if you can’t take a hint, maybe I need to be more direct!” and proceeded to pretty much stop me in my tracks and made running rather uncomfortable – err let’s call it like it is – painful.

So the body finally got my attention and I listened and haven’t run for 2 whole days – now let me tell you not running for two days was tough!!!!

Hey, I actually lifted weights and did some knee rehab work (wonders will never stop), stretching and self-message (the Stick and the foam rollers were torture devices).

Which meant that I had time for other things:

  • Got some of the raking done, about 1/3 of the yard is done
  • Cleaned out my dresser
  • Did some shopping on eBay and Sierra Trading Post (a pair of Brooks Green Silence shoes, new running hat and new Pearl Izumi Running Jacket are headed my way).
  • Got a couple doggie naps in
  • Started cleaning up my eating a little
  • and even took a couple of days off from blogging

Wonders will never cease – I actually survived not running for two whole days.

Oh yeah – the knee for some reason or other stopped hurting too.

Today was the first day that my knee felt good walking, in other words none of that nasty feeling in the bottom of the knee cap that I have felt lately.

Although my legs, arms, abs and lower back had this strange tightness in them, that I don’t get when I am only running.  Maybe it had something to do with using muscles that I tend to neglect or is that ignore.

Once I got through my stretching and rehab work at the gym, my knee was feeling good, so I tried doing a set of 100 ups on the Bosu Ball. I figured if anything would cause my knee to bother, that probably would.

It didn’t. Everything felt fine.

This is where everyone will say, I got stooooopiiid, but I had to know.

I got on the treadmill, set it to 7.2 mph and ran. I figured that if it started to hurt at all or if there were any sharp pains, I would just stop.

Damn, it felt GREAT to be running again!

I ran for a whole mile – no pain and although I definitely could have gone further.


That’s right I stopped. I did what I wanted to do, I ran a pain-free mile.

However, I also am smart enough to know it has only been two days and I know that whatever is going on in there, does not miraculously heal in 2 days. I imagine that whatever is going on is just starting the healing process and thumping around on it, any longer was not going to make it a happy camper.

RA-Stats 4-18-14
RA-Stats 4-18-14

I was very happy with the 8:12 time for the mile and was smiling when I finished – I needed that – badly.

However, I learned what I needed to know and I will see how the knee feels in the morning, to decide whether to run or not tomorrow – I don’t need to now, but I do want to – there is a difference. The legs did seem to have a little more pop than usual in them, maybe only having 10 miles in this week so far, versus my normal 25-35 is a good thing.

One thing I am learning the hard way as I approach Old Fart status (oops I am already there), is that my body probably needs more rest than I have given it and if I want to keep running injury free and relatively pain-free, I have to start giving it a little more time away from running. Which sucks, because the running is what I really want to do and the other crap is just that – other crap that I do because I have to, not because I really want to.

Cantankerous old bastid aren’t I?

I just want to be 25 again and be able to go out and do doubles, run hard when I want and get my mileage up where I want it, instead of keeping it capped at 50 miles per week for now.

Okay Harold you have pissed, moaned and whined enough for one night, be happy that you can run and that you still want to.

There are too many out there in this world, who would love to be able to do as much as you do.

It is important to keep things in perspective and think about how lucky we really are and be thankful for the things that we can do and do have.

Have you ever had a niggle that was turning into an injury and got it just in time, but then just had to run to see how it felt?

4 thoughts on “Not a Patient Runner – RunLog 4-18-14

  1. It seems to me that experimenting and learning about limits is part of training, too. You’re growing as a runner 🙂

    1. Robin – I think that is what it is all about, learning how to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones and also learning when to back off. That is the hard part for me, the backing off 🙂

  2. Bery proud – I fully expected that you had gone for a full run and really tweaked yourself … and I think what you did was perfect – self assessment is definitely part of things!

    And as I learn every day on the blogosphere – kids in their 20s are total idiots and think they’re invincible until they end up in a stress fracture or worse …

    1. Thanks 🙂 I wanted to keep going, but it felt “just enough” off that I knew what would happen, but I did have to know how it felt – it is amazing what a couple of days off will do for a runner.

      Yeah we were in our 20’s once and we did what they are doing and probably more, but made it through in spite of ourselves or so it seems. 🙂 At times I wouldn’t mind being back there, but honestly, I am probably happier now at 56 than I ever was at 26, it comes down to knowing who I am and what I want from life now 🙂 It is a nice feeling.

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