Easy Recovery Run and Something New

After yesterday’s hard interval workout, I planned on doing a something over 9:00 minute pace for 3-5 miles, depending upon how I felt and something new after I got done.

Down back 4-29-4
Down back 4-29-4

I ran down back on the dirt road to the Town Office and back. I had to keep slowing myself down, especially after the first mile, when I loosened up and was feeling really good.

Strava Stats 4-29-14 Recovery
Strava Stats 4-29-14 Recovery

A good recovery run.

Now for the something new

I did strides, only 5 but that is enough, they are not supposed to take on being another workout, I have done them once in a while, but not consistently, going forward, I plan to make them a regular part of my training regimen.I know that I need to.

I decided to do 2 telephone poles, which is about 100 yards fast and jog back to start again.

Boy – do I suck at running faster.

I felt as though I had forgotten how to run fast.

Running fast on the treadmill is so different from running fast outside.

During the first stride I felt clumsy, uncoördinated, out of step and there was no fluidity to my running – it was more like a rock bouncing down the road. During stride number 4, I started to smooth out a little and by the 5th stride I was doing a lot better than how I felt on that first one.

Strava Stats 4-29-14 Strides
Strava Stats 4-29-14 Strides

I am not saying that after one set of strides that I am as fluid as Usain Bolt, but I now know how much work that I have ahead of me. It is amazing to me, just how much I lost as far as running fast over the past year. It isn’t so much being a year older, it is more that I have lost my faster running-form and the mental mindset that goes along with running fast.

It is another first-step towards getting my speed better, I can’t really say get it back, I know that I will never be as fast as I once was, but I can push hard and be happier with myself than I have been lately.

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