First Runs in Brooks Green Silence – RunLog 5-2-14

Brooks Green Silence
Brooks Green Silence

That’s right I ran a first run in a new to me pair of Brooks Green Silence today.

  • Yes, I got them on Ebay.
  • Yes, I know they are a discontinued model.
  • Yes, they are very comfortable.
  • Yes, they  are light.
  • Yes, I added in LockLaces
  • Yes, I changed out the insoles (not the original) to a pair of PureFlow 1 insoles
  • Yes, I can hear you all laughing at me right now. 🙂

It is okay – really, laugh away.

Me the running shoe geek, who loves the newest and greatest running shoes is running in someone’s old cast-off shoes, that the manufacturer couldn’t sell enough of to keep them in their current line-up.

What is wrong with you Harold?


I needed a pair of racer/trainers to do speedwork and did not want a pair of racing flats. My experience earlier this year with my Ekiden’s showed me that flats were not going to work all that well for me and if I wore them very much, I would soon be back in that walking boot. So I was looking for what people are calling a half or full marathon racing shoe.

The Green Silence have intrigued me for a while, especially after talking with other runners who still run in them (who love them), I did a lot of blog reading (the old reviews are still around), I thought if I was able to find a pair on the cheap – I would try them out. Guess what that night I found a pair from a low-rated seller on Ebay for a cheap price and basically on a whim put in a bid on them.

Brooks Green Silence
Brooks Green Silence

I won.

The reason he was low rated, was that he wasn’t the best at getting the merchandise out in a timely manner and it took a little coaxing to get them sent, but they got here on Wednesday and today was my first run in them.

How did the Green Silence do?

First let’s talk about that barking I heard originally during Wednesday’s ill-advised wearing of shorts in 35F + wind chills, from my left hamstring.

It is still barking at me a little. Yesterday, was a nice day of rest and recovery, but my left hamstring (which I have historically had lots of issues with), while a lot better is still is not ready for prime time.

So what in the hell are you doing running twice today, if the hamstring is still barking at you – you old fool!?

Well it didn’t really hurt all that much more than it usually does – not too much any way. Unless I get to trying to running faster, so I figure that part of the barking is just my normal soreness and as long as I don’t get too stooopid about running fast, that it will be fine.

In other words listen to what the hamstring says and don’t go fast.

Well that was hard to do in these shoes, especially during the first run. I wanted to run faster and I had to keep listening to that damn hamstring bitch and moan about what I was putting it through.

Strava Stats 5-2-14 3.1 miles
Strava Stats 5-2-14 3.1 miles

As you can see I started to run a little faster at the start and quickly slowed back down, I seemed to naturally keep speeding up and then have the hamstring remind me that I needed to get back to a slower pace.

The Green Silence felt light and quick, with just the right amount of cushioning, but I didn’t really get a chance to see how they would do at a sustained faster pace. However, it wasn’t very hard to get up to speed with them on.

This afternoon, I was doing a little handyman work over at SD2’s place and I told myself as a reward that I would go ahead and run again, if the hamstring wasn’t bothering me after going up and down the step ladder for a couple of hours. No problems, so I sauntered over to Champions and did my 6.0 mile loop (at least that is what my watch said and even though Strava only computed it to 5.9 miles, it is close enough.

Strava Stats 5-2-14 6.0 miles
Strava Stats 5-2-14 6.0 miles

I purposely ran slow and kept slowing down when I noticed that I was speeding up.

This is actually a pretty flat course and one I will use again. The only problem with running it this time of day is the traffic, but the sides of the road are pretty wide and there are sidewalks if I need to use them.

Unfortunately, It seemed that Mother Nature had been talking to my hamstring, because she did her level best to keep me slower too.

It seemed that for most of the first half of the run, the wind was in my face, nothing serious, but enough to make you go urrrr. Then about halfway down Silver Street, it started to pour. It poured until I got about half-way up the hill and then the sun was shining by the time I got to the top of the hill. Made for a wet mess, but at least it wasn’t that cold miserable rain, we have been having lately.

The hamstring didn’t bark too much and when I came to my decision points on whether to turn left or right, I kept turning right, until I got to KMD and what I originally thought was going to be a 3-4 mile run, turned into a 6.0 miler.

No, it wasn’t fast, but I ran 6.0 miles, so I was happy.

How did the Green Silence do on the longer second run – no problems.

Before I started this run I loosened up the bottom lace on the right foot and it never bothered at all on this run. I am not really crazy about the way the tongue and lacing are on these shoes, but I have a feeling that I can get used to it if they keep feeling like they did today.

Even my hamstring was not barking too loudly, as long as I didn’t try to sustain any kind of fast pace – so I kept it slower and while it wasn’t thrilled to be out there, it let me run.

Brooks Green Silence
Brooks Green Silence

Overall, I was happy with the performance of the Green Silence during both runs and I can’t wait until I can actually run fast in them. That will be the true test and is what I got them for. Even if they do not work that well for me, they were very cheap, will give me a better idea of what I am looking in my “go fast” shoe and give me some time before I need to buy yet another pair of “new” shoes.

So if anyone has a pair of Green Silence in decent condition, fading away in the closet or your garage, that are a men’s size 8.5 or 9.0 and you don’t want them anymore – let’s talk – I might be more than willing to take them off your hands. 🙂

What did you think of the Green Silence when they were available?

2 thoughts on “First Runs in Brooks Green Silence – RunLog 5-2-14

  1. I love the Green Silence. I put out a similar plea in a blog post last year for a women’s size 9,5. I finally chased down a couple pair – one in Australia and one in the UK. One unworn pair is stashed in my closet and would like to find more. Thanks for stopping by recently.

    1. I like them so far, I just haven’t run enough in them yet to have a good handle where they fit in my running shoe rotation, yes they are listed as a racing flat, but I have other daily trainers that are lighter, so I am still learning how I will use them. I am going through and updating/figuring out who’s blogs I want to follow, needless to say your’s is one!

      I just keep looking on eBay, every so often they have a pair come around, they are used and you have to look closely, but sometimes you can find a pair that are in good shape, low miles and you just have to spray them good when you get them :-).

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