Time for a Blog Vacation

Nothing serious is going on, but since the beginning of 2008, I have been blogging almost daily.

The brain is dead, the fingers tired and the eyes are sore. I am tired of blogging and that is something I never thought that I would say.

That is why I changed my theme to the beach theme.

It is time to take a vacation from blogging.

What will I do?

Gone Running

I plan to keep up with logging my runs on Strava, but I am not going to worry about blogging about anything, I might do a race report on the 10th, but that might be a bit late.

No, I do not know if it will be for a few days or a couple of weeks.

Yes, I probably will be back with more stories to tell, a fresh outlook and an old fart’s outlook on life and running.

I just need some time, where I do not feel I “have to” write (I know that I do not have to, but I still feel as though I am supposed to blog every day).

I need to get back to writing because I want to.

Who knows, maybe I will find so many other things to do with my time, that posting my runs to Strava will be enough…I doubt it, but you never know.

See ya next time :-).

Hopefully, by then this damn hamstring thing is better too 😉

3 thoughts on “Time for a Blog Vacation

  1. Obviously I can relate – I had gotten myself into a rhythm of every day blog entries, and with everything else it was just too much for me. I am happy with my ‘a few times a week’ schedule at this point.

    As I mentioned, I have had a hard time keeping up lately – which is a shame because even in what you probably consider the most mundane posts I always find something interesting, humorous and/or educational. I am sure that if you write when and how you want on a relaxed schedule, it will be even better because you will have renewed enthusiasm!

    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading more whenever you’re ready for your next entry!

  2. You never want to feel like you “have to” write – a break sounds like a great idea. I’ll be keeping an eye out for your return. In the meantime, enjoy the time off and hopefully that hamstring will start to cooperate!

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