Welcome to Ramshackle Runnah

Yeah - the face of disappointment. Finish - Patriots Day 5 Miler Photo by David Colby-Young
This is the guy that worked so hard on changing mid-foot landing for over two years – real successful huh.  Photo by David Colby-Young

Last week when I found out that there was a much more established blog with the name A Runner’s Story, my blog’s name A Runnah’s Story, was just too close to being the same and I don’t believe in stepping on another blogger’s toes, so I decided to rename my blog.

Yes, figuring out a new name for a blog is a major pain in the ass and an inconvenience, but at the same time I also know it is the right thing to do.

The big caveat was that it had to include the word Runnah in it, since my website is Runnah.com, which significantly limited my choices for a new blog name.

Ramshackle Runnah???

Why did I choose Ramshackle Runnah, instead of several other choices like: Crotchety Olde Bastid Runnah, An Evolving Runnah, Central Maine Runnah, Masters Runnah, Wicked Good Runnah or the 50 or so other choices that I and some friendly readers dreamed up thought of?

Pretty simple – I didn’t feel that they fit who I am as a runner, my actual abilities or the direction I want to take this blog.

Although I did like Crotchety Olde Bastid a lot, but really am I getting that bad? hehehehe

What is Ramshackle?

We all sort of, kind of think we know what the word Ramshackle means and can picture it in our minds, but what does it actually mean? Continue reading “Welcome to Ramshackle Runnah”