Day 2 In The Books – RunLog 5/12/14

Bennie Looking at my rehab tools
Bennie Looking at my rehab tools

No I didn’t run today, I didn’t run yesterday, I will not run tomorrow and I do not know if I will run on Wednesday either.

It is not that I can’t run, it is that I have chosen not to.

When I jumped off the tailgate of my truck last Thursday, it sure as hell was not the smartest thing I have ever done.

I was just about back to running “normal” for me.

Which means that I still had aches, pains and things that I have just accepted that I suck it up and deal with if I want to run. They are my normal, so I was almost back to that.

When I landed I knew that I had f’d-up pretty good and that my race on Saturday probably wasn’t happening, but I was hoping a miracle or that it would hold together and that I could just suck it up enough to get through the race.

It didn’t, I couldn’t and I had a Did Not Start because of the issues with my hamstring and I actually was trying to be smarter than usual and not tear anything (been there done that, don’t want to go through it again).

I am going to take at least 72 hours with no running, it might be longer. More on that later. Continue reading “Day 2 In The Books – RunLog 5/12/14”

Week in Review – 5/11/14

Quarry Road Walk Photo
Quarry Road Walk Photo

The week started with my taking a planned week-long blog vacation and it ended up as a week of major changes to my blog that go way beyond simply clicking a button to change the theme.

It also was a week of frustration and disappointment in my running.


Well let’s correct that. Frustration in how I am recovering from that hamstring strain or more to the point – not recovering from it. A couple of weeks ago I strained my hamstring on a cold/nasty day that I wore shorts. I have been sort of rehabbing it, while running through the discomfort.

Which as we all know doesn’t usually work and ends up making things worse.

It did.

On Saturday I was scheduled to run the Stride into Summer 5K in Gardiner. It was raining, but not too cold at right around 50 degrees – actually I usually run pretty good in that kind of weather. The hamstring was sore and tried to warm-up, but the hamstring just wasn’t cooperating and I had to withdraw and take a Did Not Start. Which pissed me off – but I also knew and know that if I had run I would have been on the shelf for a lot longer. You can read the whole thing here.

The next couple of weeks will be all about rehabbing my hamstrings (which I have always had issues with) and getting them back to where they need to be, so I can run pain-free again or at least what is normal for me.

Yes, I know what I need to do, but now I have to actually do it.

Ramshackle Runnah

As you can see, I changed the theme for my blog and I also have a new name – Ramshackle Runnah.

You can read about all the gory details here and here, but it comes down to – there was another blog with pretty much the same name that has been around a lot longer than I have and when I finally found out about it last week, I felt that I had done something wrong and needed to correct it as soon as possible.

Ramshackle Runner 1st
Ramshackle Runner 1st


After a lot of thinking looking at a lot of different variations of Runnah, I settled on Ramshackle Runnah.

Actually it probably fits what I do as a runner because I don’t really do a good job of consistently training and am always changing something – leaving everyone including myself scratching my head about why I just did that and then wondering why my running was/is such a mess.


Right now I am not in training mode. I need to stop running, training and focus on what I need to do to rehab my hamstring, so that I can get back to training.


Brooks Launch 9.0 – Initial Impressions post here. I went over 50 miles in the Brooks Launch and I like them, they are a nice cushioned shoe that fits me well. Here is the 50 mile review.

Pearl Izumi EM/N2 9.0 – 50 mile review.  Have been turned into my primary walking shoes.

Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trails 9.0  – 50 Mile Review and 200 Mile Review.  No runs in these shoes this week.

Pearl Izumi EM/N2 Road 8.5 – No runs in these shoes this week.

Brooks Green Silence – Initial Impressions. I finally got them in and I like them so far, but they feel less like a racing shoe and more like many of the light-weight trainers that I have run in over the past couple of years. While I will use them as my race day shoes when I get back to racing, I do not believe that they are what I am really looking for in for a pair of racing shoes. Time will tell.

Running Log

One of the things that I did get accomplished during this week was transition over to Strava. I have uploaded my 2013 and 2014 run so far and will be working on inputing 2012 and 2011 when I get around to it.

Weekly Mileage Summary

Strava Weekly Summary 5-11-14
Strava Weekly Summary 5-11-14


Other than the left hamstring issues, nothing serious. The right knee irritation has pretty much over and back to its normal. The left Achilles continues to stay in the 80% healed range (which is about as much as I think I am going to get back).


Run into Summer 5K – Did not Start.

The reality is that

There are no shortcuts to rehabbing my left hamstring.

I have to stop and take the time it needs to heal and then do the work after.

Historically, I have had problems with my hamstrings so this is not a completely new issue, but one that I have never really resolved. Most of the time, I just reduce my mileage and run through the discomfort until it goes away. As an older runner, I know that I can’t do that anymore, I need to find the underlying cause for the hamstring issues and correct it – if I can.

So this could take longer than I like or want and unfortunately, if I live up to my Ramshackle Runnah title, about halfway through the process I will just start running again, when it starts to feel better. Which is not what I need to do, but…well we will see.

What do you think of the changes to the blog so far?