Day 3 and Making Progress – RunLog 5/13/14

Well I am past my self-imposed 72 hour, no running decree.

While I can feel that my left hamstring is making good progress, it still doesn’t feel quite right, so am giving myself 2-3 more days of no running. At this point it is not a big deal and I will try to be patient and let things heal a bit more before getting out and pushing it too hard.

I am not worried about the bit of fitness I will have lost over the past couple of weeks or the smaller number of miles that May will have at the end, now the most important thing is to get my legs right for the rest of the year.

Does that mean I am sitting on my butt on the couch and eating bonbons all day. mmmmm No.

I have worked on the spring clean-up outside, mowing the lawn, cutting up downed trees, and all that other physical labor that goes along with making a yard look good.

Also, I have done the self-mobilization and stretching exercises in The Running Injury Recovery Program (along with a few other of my favorite exercises) and am up to chapter 10 in my re-read of the book. Actually I have a feeling that I should probably finish reading the book again, before I start running. I am picking up a lot of great information that is helping me with more than just my left hamstring.

In many ways I wish that I had just done the program last summer, instead of simply rushing back to running like I did. The real reason that I didn’t was because it didn’t meet my impatient side and to be honest while it is a very good program, it is complicated to work through – at least it was for me. It is one thing to do it correctly and the way the author meant for it be done. I would have to go to his clinic and go through a complete cycle to know what I actually was supposed to do.

Which wouldn’t be a bad thing, but I have a feeling that TheWife might have a few words of wisdom for me, if I brought up something like that. 😉

Plus, I have done 3-4 miles a day of Bennie walks.

So sitting on my laurels is not something that has gone on and probably not letting the hamstring heal as fast as it could, but these are things that need, errr according to TheWife have to be done, so as the saying goes a happy wife is a happy life ;-).

Tonight, I did relax with an Epsom salt bath and it felt great!

Things are getting better, but just slower than I want – what else is new.

But it sure was hard to waste the last 2 days of gorgeous weather!