Day 4 – More Progress – RunLog 5-14-14

Usually, this would be the day that I would be returning to running and in the past I would have definitely been running at least 3-4 miles.

However, last night I decided that I want to wait another 2-3 days and really give my hamstring a chance to calm down even more.

It is about 60% back, which is good enough to run on, or at least it used to be good enough for me.

Now I am not so sure, it seems I am have been in one of those endless: run – something hurts, run through it – it hurts more – cut mileage – keep running – hurts too much to run – stop – sort of let it heal – run – then repeat the cycle all over again – multiple times.

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Race Day Anxiety So Much More than the Jitters

CGAS Cape Code 5K - 1985
CGAS Cape Code 5K – 1985

A lot of you out there will not understand what the big deal is about race day anxiety.

You probably think of it as just bad case of pre-race jitters and are thinking – “get over it, running in a race is not a big deal – look at how many runners do all the time.

Well you are wrong.

If you have truly experienced an race day anxiety attack and an attack is what it is.

It is debilitating, embarrassing and not just just that you can simply “get over” and go run your race.

How do I know?

I ran one race in 25 years, because of how race day anxiety made me feel about running in a races.

Where did it start?

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