Day 4 – More Progress – RunLog 5-14-14

Usually, this would be the day that I would be returning to running and in the past I would have definitely been running at least 3-4 miles.

However, last night I decided that I want to wait another 2-3 days and really give my hamstring a chance to calm down even more.

It is about 60% back, which is good enough to run on, or at least it used to be good enough for me.

Now I am not so sure, it seems I am have been in one of those endless: run – something hurts, run through it – it hurts more – cut mileage – keep running – hurts too much to run – stop – sort of let it heal – run – then repeat the cycle all over again – multiple times.

Whatever I have or have not been doing has not been working worth a damn, because I am running less and less.

Now that I am re-reading Bruce Wilk’s book, I really wish that I lived down in his area and was able to go to his clinic to go through the rehab process under supervision, instead of trying to do it on my own and interpret his methods and procedures into something I can understand.

Oh well, it is not an option and I will have to figure out how to make his rehab process into something that I can use without supervision.

What did I do today?

Walks with Bennie about 4 miles

Went to the gym and did an upper body workout

Stretches and some closed-chain work that are in Wilk’s book, plus a few exercises that I have done for a while.

My hamstring is tired and a little sore, but it doesn’t hurt, which is great progress. I really, really wanted to run on the treadmill today, but I walked past them and didn’t do it. This was hard, but I am trying to have a good rest of the year and a few more days off from running could make my return to running easier and hopefully be less prone to something hurting yet again.

Patience is not my strong suite, but I have to work harder at doing just that.

4 thoughts on “Day 4 – More Progress – RunLog 5-14-14

    1. Thanks you – Injuries are part of being a runner and something that happens when you least expect or want it :-). The big picture is that a couple of more days off this week are not really going to be a big deal a year from now. :-).

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