Day 5 – Setting the Groundwork – RunLog 5-15-14

Bond Brook
Bond Brook

I got a LOT done today! Unfortunately no running – again.

I probably will not until next Tuesday – more on that later.

As usual I did our first thing Bennie walk, almost a mile.

Then around 8:30 did my The Running injury Recovery Program stuff (mobilization, stretching and closed-chain exercises). I am still a little sore in my hamstring, but not nearly as much as I was.

Some of the closed chain exercises are tough and I can see the benefit of each one. However, I don’t have ankle weights so, I skip those ones.

After re-reading the chapters on fitness walking and gliding, I got to thinking about if I actually toe-off or not. When I went for my first walk this morning, I saw that I wasn’t, so I focused on going through a full foot stride cycle finishing with the toe-off, along with keeping my feet straight, instead duck walking, especially with my right foot.

Needless to say, I know now haven’t been doing toe-off when running either that and it is something I am going to work on, every walk and when I start running again, it will be a point of focus.

Dogs need to be leashed
Dogs need to be leashed

Then I went to Bond Brook for Bennie’s long walk, about 200 yards into Tall Pines Way, I noticed 2 dogs (labs) running loose and one went scooting back to the owner when called, the other one headed straight for us as fast has he could – not gooood. I quickly put Bennie on short leash and got between him an Bennie and as he skidded to a stop I grabbed his collar and was holding him back, while keeping Bennie from attacking.

Strength training at its finest, along with a major adrenaline rush.

The owner came running up and grabbed her dog from me, apologizing and saying what a nice dog he usually is. I as politely as possible under the circumstances said, “ma’am this area is a leashed dog area and you can’t let your dog run”.

She gave me the glare and stomped off. Oh well, my usual charm and grace in action. But the way her dog ran at us, I wasn’t sure of his intentions and I had just a little adrenaline pumping.

I know that she saw the sign and chose to ignore it, because you have to go through this to get to Tall Pines Way.

Tall Pines Gate
Tall Pines Gate

Oh well, sometimes it is just the way it goes, but it still gets my gall when the other dog owner gets upset when you point out they don’t have their dog on a leash, when they are supposed to and they know it. Especially when their dog doesn’t follow their voice commands.

We had an uneventful 3.0 mile walk, where I practiced my toe-off and kept working at it when I noticed that I wasn’t doing it.

Then I went down to the Rail Trail Run Shop and ran into Seth, got to get a quick look at some of the new Skechers models coming out in November. I am impressed and can’t wait until they are available – I want!!! We also talked about my hamstring issues and he recommended that instead of going to a massage therapist to simply treat the issue, that I got to Jared – (Amy’s husband and a local chiropractor, who treats a lot of runners) and figure out the underlying problems. I said I would think about it, but that it made a lot of sense.

Also, I found out that the person who I would really want as my coach, if I decided to get one, is not available, so if I decide to go in that direction, I need to find a different alternative.

Then I did a few other errands and thought about what Seth had said about seeing Jared and decided to go ahead and stop at his office and find out more information. After talking with him for about 10 minutes, I booked an initial appointment for next Tuesday at 11:00 AM. I have had good luck with Chiropractors in the past, but never gave it a thought before Seth suggested it.

So I have started the process to get to the underlying issues for the hamstring and possibly some other issues that I have with my legs.

I am psyched about it actually.

After we got through with the errands and everything, Bennie was being pretty obnoxious, so he needed another walk and we went for a little more than 2.0

Then after supper we did another 1/2 mile, so we got in about 6.0 miles of walking and my leg didn’t hurt any more than 2-3 on the pain scale, so that is good progress for as much activity as I did on it today.

A busy day, but I was pretty happy with everything that I got done and some of the things that I got started.

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