First Rehab Run – RunLog 5-17-14

It was a lazy, rainy day, where Bennie and I got soaked on our morning long walk

Todays walk with Bennie in the Rain
Todays walk with Bennie in the Rain

After that I did my mobilization, stretching and strengthening exercises and felt pretty good. With the nasty weather, I lazed around the house playing NWN2 and reading “Brain Training for Runners” by Matt Fitzgerald again. Something about that book that just feels right to me and the more I read it the more it makes sense.

Oh yeah, Bennie and I fell asleep in the chair and slept for over an hour! We both must have needed it ;-).

When I took him for his 4:00 o’clock walk, my hamstring felt really good, it had stopped raining and was just overcast and in the 50’s, so if thought about going for a little run,while we were walking.

When we got back, Mary had changed up and was going running so I decided why not. No, I didn’t go with her – I didn’t want slow her down,

I know that I said that I was going to wait until I saw the Chiropractor before I ran again.

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