WildWood O/B in the Rain – RunLog 5-18-14

Rehab run number two in the books.

Berlin, NH. with Mt. Washington off in the  distance
Berlin, NH. with Mt. Washington off in the distance

We rode over to Berlin, NH today, to put flowers on TheWife’s family gravestones, something we do every year. If they need it we clean off the stones and honor those who have gone.

However, it is a 2-3 hour trip one way and my legs hurt so bad from sitting so long, that I needed to stop by the Farmington Dunkin Donuts on the way back and get out and stretch and walk around for about 10 minutes – no it was not fun! Yeah, I did get a black coffee while we were there.

After we got home, I sat in my much softer chair and promptly went to sleep with Bennie on my lap for about an hour. I was toast. It is amazing how much driving takes out of me nowadays, when in the past it hardly bothered me to drive for long periods – oh well just another joyful part of getting old.

When I woke up, I saw that Mary was going for a run, so I figured that I better get my ass in gear too.

Here is the link to my Strava summary of the run

I did:

  • 5 minute easy run
  • 5 minute walk
  • 5 minute easy run
  • 5 minute walk
  • 10 minute easy run
  • 5 minute walk
  • 10 minutes of just running

I focused primarily on landing with a midfoot strike and keeping my toes pointed ahead instead splaying off to the side.

Yes, I did run a little further and a little more than I did yesterday. My hamstring stayed between a 2-4 in the pain/discomfort zones, so after I got warmed-up it felt pretty good and the best part is after I got done it felt the same as it did before I started (a little sore from the trip, but nothing serious).

It is hard to hold back, because aerobically I am much fitter than this kind of running and everything other than my left hamstring, feels great (the rest and all the rehab work is paying big dividends on how the rest of me feels. Even the hamstring is feeling better and in a couple of places, I stopped paying attention and when I realized what I was doing, pulled back on the reins and slowed back down.

As you can see from the pace distribution, I am staying mostly in the Active Recovery Zone, but tipping into the Endurance and Tempo zones a little more. I was surprised to hit Z4 & Z5 at all today. I know that I wasn’t planning on doing that and wasn’t pushing the pace purposely, it just happened.

Strava Pace Distribution 5-18-14
Strava Pace Distribution 5-18-14

This is one of those charts that I think is very important for me to keep track of, I just wish that it had a weekly summary of my pace zone distribution, now that would be a real eye opener and keep me on my toes about what I paces I am actually training at verses the weekly average pace.

Overall, a nice run and a big confidence builder. Am I ready to go out and hammer a tough speed workout or a 13 mile long run – not only no, but hell no! Doing either of those things would result in a long lay-off as I recover from a torn hamstring, but as long as I stay smart for a few more weeks, pretty soon, I will be doing those things.

After I got done, I went through my mobilization routine, but I find that I am very sore if I add in the stretching and strengthening routines daily, so since I know my body fairly well, I will do those on alternating days and keep up the mobilizations daily. So tomorrow will be mobilization and strengthening and Tuesday will be mobilization and stretching.

I know that I can’t wait to see the Chiro on Tuesday and see where that takes me.