First Run in Schechers GoRun Ride 2s – Number 3

Yeah – another first run in new running shoes, what else is new Harold?

Skechers GoRun Ride 3
Skechers GoRun Ride 3

What is new is that this time, this pair is number three of the same brand/style – the Skechers GoRun Ride 2’s. I explained my reasons for going back to the GRR2’s here and you know something…

I had forgotten how comfortable they are for me to run in.

They just work for me.

Now how did they work?

Like an extension of my feet.

I haven’t run in Skechers for a little while (even though I played with the GRR3’s for a few days), so the first mile was to get re-acquainted with the differences between the rockered bottoms versus the flat-bottomed Brooks Launch/Green Silence I have run in primarily over the last month. After that first mile or so, I stopped thinking about the shoes and focused on just running.

I felt pretty good and decided to keep running instead of walking at the 8:00 minute point and ran the entire way. Here is the link to my Strava summary of the run.

Strava Pace Distribution 5-20-14
Strava Pace Distribution 5-20-14

I ran on the Rail Trail, which is fairly flat down-to the Hallowell Boat Launch and back. I didn’t purposely pick-up the pace and tried to keep up a relatively steady pace and keep it around a 9:00 minute pace, which I succeeded in doing.

The hamstring held together fine and the discomfort level stayed at the 3-4 range with no increase, so that was great.

After the run I went to the Chiropractor and that will be a whole new post tonight, especially since I learned a few things that:

1. Things I need to work on,

2. I have a structural leg issue that I just have to live with.

So it was a good run and I am very happy with the GRR2’s. I know however, I can’t wait for November and the version 4’s that are coming out.

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