Sore and Thinking – RunLog 5/22/14

The day after my appointment with the Chiropractor, I was sore.

I expected to be, when you are first seen by any medical professional and they are attempting to diagnose/figure out what is going on with your body it is part of the deal, but it is the first time that I felt like my legs had gone 10 rounds with a grizzly bear. He worked me over pretty hard and definitely used hands-on diagnostic methods to figure out what was going on.

I will say this of all the initial exams, I have had – none have been more complete or intense. He twisted me this way and that way, checked my leg strength, watched my walking gait enough that he saw the real one, not the one we do for a couple of passes and most of all he listened/watched and felt what my body was saying and doing, instead of making snap diagnosis based on what he thought he should be seeing, (had that happen too many times in the past).

What impact did this exam had on my run yesterday?

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