Sore and Thinking – RunLog 5/22/14

The day after my appointment with the Chiropractor, I was sore.

I expected to be, when you are first seen by any medical professional and they are attempting to diagnose/figure out what is going on with your body it is part of the deal, but it is the first time that I felt like my legs had gone 10 rounds with a grizzly bear. He worked me over pretty hard and definitely used hands-on diagnostic methods to figure out what was going on.

I will say this of all the initial exams, I have had – none have been more complete or intense. He twisted me this way and that way, checked my leg strength, watched my walking gait enough that he saw the real one, not the one we do for a couple of passes and most of all he listened/watched and felt what my body was saying and doing, instead of making snap diagnosis based on what he thought he should be seeing, (had that happen too many times in the past).

What impact did this exam had on my run yesterday?

Here is the link to my Strava summary.

My legs were sore, the joints and tendons had been twisted, isometrically held to check their strength in different positions and the hamstring was poked, hell it was abused, So they were not really ready for prime time.

Then I did my hour plus of mobilization/stretching and strengthening work and after that walked Bennie for a couple of miles, before I ran.

Probably not the smartest thing, but that is just part of Harold being Harold.

MMMMMMMM actually once I got past the first mile and loosened up, I felt pretty good, but my legs didn’t have any snap to them and each mile got tougher and slower. After all the twisting, prodding and tensing, along with what I did this morning – they were tired.

I didn’t have to worry about running fast my left hamstring is still sore (all of it) and some of the discomfort seems to be migrating to my left hip too, so I definitely am not ready for anything more than easy running.

So I focused on working on my form and toe-off and can feel some differences in my running already or is it that I am back to running in the Skechers GoRun Ride 2’s and that is helping me run more efficiently.

Maybe I need to take a day off and let all the changes, leg work and stuff soak in, to see what my legs feel like fresh.

Naw that makes way too much sense.

One thing I am noticing is that since I took time off, reduced my mileage/pace and started doing mobilization/stretching and strengthening work, that a lot of little niggles, pains and stuff I never noticed before are raising their hands and saying – “hey over here – pay attention to me for a minute”. It seems that I have a lot of accumulated crap going on in my legs and this down time is bringing them all out.

Oh well I should consider myself lucky that I am running at all, it seems that every May, I have something going on that interferes with my running

  • 2011 – knee surgery
  • 2012 – shoes blistering right ankle – needed to take some days off, still have the scar
  • 2013 – left hip issues and partially tore Achilles
  • 2014 – hamstring

May just is not a good month for me, June is usually a lot better, because I am rehabbing whatever happened in May :-).

I know that I am loosing some of my conditioning as far as being able to run long at an 8:00 minute pace, but this hamstring injury is forcing me to really look at my running and I believe in the long-run, I will run more efficiently and with less discomfort/pain with the changes I have and will be making to my running at all distances.

Boy getting long-winded again, but I have a lot on my mind and need to get it out where I can read it.

Back to yesterday’s run, good run, legs were tired, but I am making progress.

When you take some time off or cut your mileage, do you notice all the accumulated aches and pains seem to come out and say here I am?

2 thoughts on “Sore and Thinking – RunLog 5/22/14

  1. Glad you are making progress – not surprised you could’t help but go for a run! 🙂 It is funny, as the weather is better and I’m doing more yard and outdoor work I definitely feel it on my next run … all those unused muscles really feel the winter layoff!

    1. Yeah today was DOM day, so only did a couple on the treadmill real easy, but still had to rototill more of the garden, mow lawn, and weed wack (non-motorized) the ferns that are growing before they bud. 🙂 So I know exactly what you are talking about.

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