On The Shelf Until Next Monday

IMG_20140523_094648_138I went to my Chiropractor today and while he understands runners and our “need” to run – he just happens to be married to one.

However, based on everything that I told him, along what he did and noticed during our 1/2 hour pain-filled and teeth gnawing extravaganza this morning, I am on the shelf until at least next Monday.

Wah, Wah, Wah, I can either piss, moan, groan about not running for the next week or I can suck it up, do what I need to do to keep rehabbing my hamstring and other parts of my legs that need the work.

Knowing me, I will be whining by the end of the week about how much not running sucks and how much I just want to go for a run.

Yeah I know me pretty well, but at the same time, I also know that I will bust my ass to do this rehab correctly, because I do want to run sooner, rather than later, with a repeat performance happening within the next couple of months.

In other words, I will trust that Dr. Lawton’s judgement about what I need to allow my body to heal, is better than my own – after all that is why I am paying him as a medical professional and my track record is less than stellar. 🙂

That and the fact, that I know that I have to clean my act up and do it right this time.

All of the past half-assed rehab and recovery crap that I have done through my bull-headedness have left me with too much scar tissue, many muscle imbalances or weaknesses that I need, nay have to address my injuries and past injuries, for me to run the way that I want to run going forward.

If I continue to do the duct tape, jury-rig, pain-killer, suck-it-up and denial game, where I blame everything from my running shoes to whatever, for all my injury problems, when the actual problem is me.

I know that – now, before now I was constantly trying to paddle upstream on a river in Egypt – De Nile. I know bad joke, but denial is what I have done for too long.

So it is time to continue to clean-up the mess I have made of my legs and body.

When I started this process, I knew that it was not going to be easy or that I would always be happy about everything I would need to do and that there will be some things that I will not be able to fix/treat/repair completely – they are too far gone.

I also knew there would be times that I would not be able to suck-it-up and run through whatever is going on. This is one of those times and while it sucks, it is what I need to do, if I want to let things heal.

I do know that I am making progress.

Other than my left hamstring, my legs are feeling a LOT better than they have in a long, long time. The mobilization, stretching and strengthening routines I have done over the past few weeks are starting to work and are giving me hope that once I get past this hamstring issue that it will help me run much more pain-free over the coming months.

Will I rant and rave and at times. In other words not sound so reasonable as I am now – yeah I am pretty sure that I will.

Old habits die-hard and when you have been a ramshackle runnah for as many years as I have, there is going to be more than a little resistance to changing how I do things. I know this, but for every setback, I have to keep moving forward and stop the urge to jury rig an injury or attempt a short-cut, so I can just run through it.

Wish me luck, I have a feeling that I am going to need it.

Now to think about what I will be doing for the next week.

Why rehab – of course.

Besides I do not want to revisit and have quality time having my foot looking like this again.

What my foot looked like last year at this time


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