Rail Trail Run Shop – Just Hanging Around

I was going to write this last night, but I was more than a little frustrated with how my hamstring is not responding – the way that I want it to and got caught up killing Orcs while playing NeverWinter Nights2 :-).

While I feel better and more positive this morning, I am still frustrated with lack of progress I am having, but hey it is what it is and I have to keep moving forward. A little later, I will be seeing the Chiro, so hopefully I will be more positive after seeing him.

Rail Trail Run Shop

Yesterday, the Rail Trail Run Shop was having a Memorial Day sale, after the Miles for Mills 5K and the local Skechers Performance Division rep (Seth) was going to be there with a bunch of demo shoes. Since the Skechers GoRun line has worked well for me for the most part and I am running again in the GoRun Ride 2’s (when I am running). I wanted to try on a couple of styles that I haven’t had a chance to yet.


I left my credit card at home, purposely. So I would not buy any new shoes (I know, but when the deal was 26.2% off for in stock and 20% off for special orders), I know that I would have been tempted and while TheWife is usually patient with my running shoe addiction, she also knows that right now I am not putting very many miles on the ones I have – due to my hamstring, so her patience might wear a little thin – if I came home with yet another pair.

The old saying a happy wife is a happy life applies here ;-).


Lots of Skechers demo shoes :-)
Lots of Skechers demo shoes 🙂

I got to talk with Seth about the Speed 2’s/Meb 2’s and how much he likes the shoes for his speedwork and racing. He talked in glowing terms about how well they are working for him.

Seth  letting it rain Skechers :-)
Seth letting it rain Skechers 🙂

So I tried on the GoRun Speed 2’s (Go Mebs) and GoRun Ultra’s.

I was pleasantly surprised with how great the Meb 2’s felt. They are definitely a faster than I will ever be – shoe, comfortable when running (they remind me more of the the GoRun2’s with a lot more POP), although they are much narrower and the biggest thing was that the size 9 was too long. I sized down to the size 8.0 and they felt really good, even though the shoe is narrow, it didn’t press against my Tailor’s Bunionette, I would like to have run a little more in them to see if it would bother after a mile or two, but my hammie was saying nasty things to me, so I was good.

The big thing I am not used to saying comfortable and racing shoe in the same sentence, but it definitely was in the 3/4 of mile that I ran in them. I have a feeling that at some point, I will have a pair of GoRun Speed (Meb’s) in my running shoe rotation, this summer.

The other shoes that I want to really try on and out were the GoRun Ultra’s, unfortunately, as much as I liked the feel/cushioned ride of the Ultra’s, it has the same pleather strap (although it is not as wide) that the GoRun Ride 3 and GoRun3 have, which my Tailor’s Bunionette presses against. So while I like the fit and feel of the 8.5 Ultra’s that little strap means that I would have problems with the shoe due to my structural defects 🙂

Oh well, wait to see what the updates bring in November.

The Best Part of the Day

Now the best part of the day, besides getting to satisfy my running shoe geekiness, was talking with other runners about our injuries, training, racing plans and getting to know them a little. I did a lot of listening and (yeah I talked too) and learned some great little things/ideas that are going to help me with my own training or injury recovery.

Seth fitting Jen to another pair of Skechers running shoes
Seth fitting Jen to another pair of Skechers running shoes

Running Tips

The biggest thing is I am reading/hearing more and more lately is that some runners are moving away from the traditional 7 day training cycle. I listened to how Seth has set up his training cycle around a 9 day cycle and it intrigued me a lot. What he was saying made a lot of sense.

Especially, now that I am as much as I hate to admit it – on of “those” older runners. Instead of doing the usual hard track/speed workout, followed by an easy one and then doing another hard (tempo/fartlek) workout, with another easy day, then a long run with a day off and an easy run rotation. I am learning that one day between hard workouts is just not enough for my body.

We talked about doing a hard workout, then having a recovery day and an easy day before the next hard workout.

This allows more rest and recovery between hard workouts and should result in higher quality harder workouts. I know that I am going to look a lot closer at this kind of schedule when I start training again, because I really believe that part of my injury cycle might be because I do not allow my body enough recovery between harder workouts.

The reality is that

It felt good to sit, relax, swap a few lies and just have a day to be around other runners. Sure I would have preferred to run the Miles for Mills 5K and then have gone over to the Rail Trail Run Shop, but I also knew that if I had run the 5K, I would have been stupid, so it is just as well that I didn’t go.

Actually, I had fun just hanging around and making a nuisance of myself.

Hopefully, Amy and Seth didn’t mind my hanging around too much 😉

2 thoughts on “Rail Trail Run Shop – Just Hanging Around

  1. Interestingly I was reading a business article this morning that advocated ditching the 7 day week as a general basis of doing things … it is thousands of years old, and based on an arbitrary subdivision of the lunar month. Days make sense, as do months and years … but weeks? Not really.

    So I laughed reading your post, because the 7 day training cycle is formed to work around the normal 7 day work-week … and has nothing to do with what is right as an actual training plan or what is best for our bodies.

    Smart move leaving the card at home … sounds like you would have bought at least one pair otherwse 🙂

    1. Mike I am going to explore the getting away from the 7 day cycle a lot more as i get closer to being back. It is interesting how these things tie together sometimes and how our arbitrary systems of measurement become set in stone, even when they might not be what is best for us :-).

      Yeah that is what she said too 😉 hehehehe and yes I would have those GR Meb’s were sweet!!!

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