A Couple Days Early – RunLog 5/31/14

Yeah, I know – the Chiro told me not to run until I see him again on Monday.

Guess what – I didn’t listen 😉

Strava Pace-Elevation Chart 5-31-14

What else is new!

I followed directions better than usual (I made it from Tuesday until this morning), but since I started really focusing (in other words, beating the hell out of both legs), doing eccentric exercises on Thursday – my left hamstring has felt amazingly better. Even my right leg is feeling a big difference.

This morning I was doing a 3.0 mile walk with Bennie and I got the phone call to go pick up the lawn mower that I dropped off to be fixed yesterday, at 10:30 and he said that he closed at noon.

Which meant that I had to haul ass to get home – load-up the other lawn mower (which is leaking gasoline like a sieve), find Mary on her running route and drive up to Fairfield.

In order to get all that done and still get 1/2 hour drive and a half hour dog walk home, that I had to run from The Bog to home with Bennie. Now that was only a 1.5 miles, but it was an adventure, Bennie is not a good running companion, but he LOVES to run. Continue reading “A Couple Days Early – RunLog 5/31/14”