Another Run in the Rain – RunLog 5-19-14

Yeah it rained today – again. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, Wednesday and more than likely Thursday before clearing out on Friday.

Who knows by then Bennie and I might have grown fins 😉

Bennie in the rain
Bennie in the rain

Actually, when I am not injured, I love to run in this weather, I don’t over heat and I get to splash around in the mud puddles, like a little kid. 🙂

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WildWood O/B in the Rain – RunLog 5-18-14

Rehab run number two in the books.

Berlin, NH. with Mt. Washington off in the  distance
Berlin, NH. with Mt. Washington off in the distance

We rode over to Berlin, NH today, to put flowers on TheWife’s family gravestones, something we do every year. If they need it we clean off the stones and honor those who have gone.

However, it is a 2-3 hour trip one way and my legs hurt so bad from sitting so long, that I needed to stop by the Farmington Dunkin Donuts on the way back and get out and stretch and walk around for about 10 minutes – no it was not fun! Yeah, I did get a black coffee while we were there.

After we got home, I sat in my much softer chair and promptly went to sleep with Bennie on my lap for about an hour. I was toast. It is amazing how much driving takes out of me nowadays, when in the past it hardly bothered me to drive for long periods – oh well just another joyful part of getting old.

When I woke up, I saw that Mary was going for a run, so I figured that I better get my ass in gear too.

Here is the link to my Strava summary of the run

I did:

  • 5 minute easy run
  • 5 minute walk
  • 5 minute easy run
  • 5 minute walk
  • 10 minute easy run
  • 5 minute walk
  • 10 minutes of just running

I focused primarily on landing with a midfoot strike and keeping my toes pointed ahead instead splaying off to the side.

Yes, I did run a little further and a little more than I did yesterday. My hamstring stayed between a 2-4 in the pain/discomfort zones, so after I got warmed-up it felt pretty good and the best part is after I got done it felt the same as it did before I started (a little sore from the trip, but nothing serious).

It is hard to hold back, because aerobically I am much fitter than this kind of running and everything other than my left hamstring, feels great (the rest and all the rehab work is paying big dividends on how the rest of me feels. Even the hamstring is feeling better and in a couple of places, I stopped paying attention and when I realized what I was doing, pulled back on the reins and slowed back down.

As you can see from the pace distribution, I am staying mostly in the Active Recovery Zone, but tipping into the Endurance and Tempo zones a little more. I was surprised to hit Z4 & Z5 at all today. I know that I wasn’t planning on doing that and wasn’t pushing the pace purposely, it just happened.

Strava Pace Distribution 5-18-14
Strava Pace Distribution 5-18-14

This is one of those charts that I think is very important for me to keep track of, I just wish that it had a weekly summary of my pace zone distribution, now that would be a real eye opener and keep me on my toes about what I paces I am actually training at verses the weekly average pace.

Overall, a nice run and a big confidence builder. Am I ready to go out and hammer a tough speed workout or a 13 mile long run – not only no, but hell no! Doing either of those things would result in a long lay-off as I recover from a torn hamstring, but as long as I stay smart for a few more weeks, pretty soon, I will be doing those things.

After I got done, I went through my mobilization routine, but I find that I am very sore if I add in the stretching and strengthening routines daily, so since I know my body fairly well, I will do those on alternating days and keep up the mobilizations daily. So tomorrow will be mobilization and strengthening and Tuesday will be mobilization and stretching.

I know that I can’t wait to see the Chiro on Tuesday and see where that takes me.

First Rehab Run – RunLog 5-17-14

It was a lazy, rainy day, where Bennie and I got soaked on our morning long walk

Todays walk with Bennie in the Rain
Todays walk with Bennie in the Rain

After that I did my mobilization, stretching and strengthening exercises and felt pretty good. With the nasty weather, I lazed around the house playing NWN2 and reading “Brain Training for Runners” by Matt Fitzgerald again. Something about that book that just feels right to me and the more I read it the more it makes sense.

Oh yeah, Bennie and I fell asleep in the chair and slept for over an hour! We both must have needed it ;-).

When I took him for his 4:00 o’clock walk, my hamstring felt really good, it had stopped raining and was just overcast and in the 50’s, so if thought about going for a little run,while we were walking.

When we got back, Mary had changed up and was going running so I decided why not. No, I didn’t go with her – I didn’t want slow her down,

I know that I said that I was going to wait until I saw the Chiropractor before I ran again.

Well, I lied!              Continue reading “First Rehab Run – RunLog 5-17-14”

I Did Not Realize How Much I Have Been Injured

Take the bad with the good :-)
Take the bad with the good, last year’s Achilles tendon injury

The other day, I wrote a post where I discussed the things I need to do to Clean-up this Ramshackle Runnah.

While there are a LOT of things that I need to do, the biggest thing is to get as healthy as I can and figure out the underlying causes for me getting injured as often as I have.

When I started to list out the injuries (both running and otherwise) that I have had over the years, I was shocked. I didn’t think that I was that injury prone.

Yes, I know that some of my problems are training mistakes that I make, but other injuries seem to recur all too often to be simply training issues.

Right now, I am doing many parts of Bruce Wilks – The Running Injury Recovery Book and while a week is not enough time to make any judgement on how effective the his program/process is. However it is giving me a program that I can use as a guideline to help me with mobility, tightness and strengthening weak areas or creating more symmetry, until I get something better.

Unfortunately, simply reading a book and attempting to interpret the author’s intent, process and then attempting to do the exercises and workouts correctly is tough.

Accepting Advice

I got to talking with Seth (one of the better local runners) down at the Rail Trail Run Shop yesterday. Among other things we discussed my hamstring and multiple injury issues and he strongly stated that he thought it would be better to go see his Chiropractor – Dr. Lawson, to see if he could help me find the underlying issues for my injuries, versus just going to a massage therapist to treat the symptoms.

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Day 5 – Setting the Groundwork – RunLog 5-15-14

Bond Brook
Bond Brook

I got a LOT done today! Unfortunately no running – again.

I probably will not until next Tuesday – more on that later.

As usual I did our first thing Bennie walk, almost a mile.

Then around 8:30 did my The Running injury Recovery Program stuff (mobilization, stretching and closed-chain exercises). I am still a little sore in my hamstring, but not nearly as much as I was.

Some of the closed chain exercises are tough and I can see the benefit of each one. However, I don’t have ankle weights so, I skip those ones.

After re-reading the chapters on fitness walking and gliding, I got to thinking about if I actually toe-off or not. When I went for my first walk this morning, I saw that I wasn’t, so I focused on going through a full foot stride cycle finishing with the toe-off, along with keeping my feet straight, instead duck walking, especially with my right foot.

Needless to say, I know now haven’t been doing toe-off when running either that and it is something I am going to work on, every walk and when I start running again, it will be a point of focus.

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Cleaning-Up This Ramshackle Runnah

Photo by David Colby-Young
Photo by David Colby-Young

It is time to clean-up this ramshackle runnah and get myself back to running consistently.

How in the hell are you going to do that Harold?

I keep writing and talking about how I am going to improve my running, change things that need to be corrected and yet I never do. It seems when I get near to being successful or close to my goals, then I suddenly change directions again, so I can’t meet them.

It is almost like I am scared of succeeding or doing well.

So I have a LOT of work to do, to get to where I want to be both physically and mentally with my running.

That Ramshackle House

When things get bad enough at that neighborhood ramshackle house, the town or county forces the owners to clean and and fix it up the property.

They might bitch and moan and say “hey I have the right to do whatever I want with my property”, but at the same time the powers that be, (in most locales) have the authority to make the owners clean-up their frigging yard.

Even though it might be a battle and take several interventions or what seems to the owners to be “official” meddling before the yard get to where it is acceptable or looking good. Continue reading “Cleaning-Up This Ramshackle Runnah”

Day 4 – More Progress – RunLog 5-14-14

Usually, this would be the day that I would be returning to running and in the past I would have definitely been running at least 3-4 miles.

However, last night I decided that I want to wait another 2-3 days and really give my hamstring a chance to calm down even more.

It is about 60% back, which is good enough to run on, or at least it used to be good enough for me.

Now I am not so sure, it seems I am have been in one of those endless: run – something hurts, run through it – it hurts more – cut mileage – keep running – hurts too much to run – stop – sort of let it heal – run – then repeat the cycle all over again – multiple times.

Whatever I have or have not been doing has not been working worth a damn, because I am running less and less. Continue reading “Day 4 – More Progress – RunLog 5-14-14”

Race Day Anxiety So Much More than the Jitters

CGAS Cape Code 5K - 1985
CGAS Cape Code 5K – 1985

A lot of you out there will not understand what the big deal is about race day anxiety.

You probably think of it as just bad case of pre-race jitters and are thinking – “get over it, running in a race is not a big deal – look at how many runners do all the time.

Well you are wrong.

If you have truly experienced an race day anxiety attack and an attack is what it is.

It is debilitating, embarrassing and not just just that you can simply “get over” and go run your race.

How do I know?

I ran one race in 25 years, because of how race day anxiety made me feel about running in a races.

Where did it start?

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Day 3 and Making Progress – RunLog 5/13/14

Well I am past my self-imposed 72 hour, no running decree.

While I can feel that my left hamstring is making good progress, it still doesn’t feel quite right, so am giving myself 2-3 more days of no running. At this point it is not a big deal and I will try to be patient and let things heal a bit more before getting out and pushing it too hard.

I am not worried about the bit of fitness I will have lost over the past couple of weeks or the smaller number of miles that May will have at the end, now the most important thing is to get my legs right for the rest of the year.

Does that mean I am sitting on my butt on the couch and eating bonbons all day. mmmmm No.

I have worked on the spring clean-up outside, mowing the lawn, cutting up downed trees, and all that other physical labor that goes along with making a yard look good.

Also, I have done the self-mobilization and stretching exercises in The Running Injury Recovery Program (along with a few other of my favorite exercises) and am up to chapter 10 in my re-read of the book. Actually I have a feeling that I should probably finish reading the book again, before I start running. I am picking up a lot of great information that is helping me with more than just my left hamstring.

In many ways I wish that I had just done the program last summer, instead of simply rushing back to running like I did. The real reason that I didn’t was because it didn’t meet my impatient side and to be honest while it is a very good program, it is complicated to work through – at least it was for me. It is one thing to do it correctly and the way the author meant for it be done. I would have to go to his clinic and go through a complete cycle to know what I actually was supposed to do.

Which wouldn’t be a bad thing, but I have a feeling that TheWife might have a few words of wisdom for me, if I brought up something like that. 😉

Plus, I have done 3-4 miles a day of Bennie walks.

So sitting on my laurels is not something that has gone on and probably not letting the hamstring heal as fast as it could, but these are things that need, errr according to TheWife have to be done, so as the saying goes a happy wife is a happy life ;-).

Tonight, I did relax with an Epsom salt bath and it felt great!

Things are getting better, but just slower than I want – what else is new.

But it sure was hard to waste the last 2 days of gorgeous weather!

Day 2 In The Books – RunLog 5/12/14

Bennie Looking at my rehab tools
Bennie Looking at my rehab tools

No I didn’t run today, I didn’t run yesterday, I will not run tomorrow and I do not know if I will run on Wednesday either.

It is not that I can’t run, it is that I have chosen not to.

When I jumped off the tailgate of my truck last Thursday, it sure as hell was not the smartest thing I have ever done.

I was just about back to running “normal” for me.

Which means that I still had aches, pains and things that I have just accepted that I suck it up and deal with if I want to run. They are my normal, so I was almost back to that.

When I landed I knew that I had f’d-up pretty good and that my race on Saturday probably wasn’t happening, but I was hoping a miracle or that it would hold together and that I could just suck it up enough to get through the race.

It didn’t, I couldn’t and I had a Did Not Start because of the issues with my hamstring and I actually was trying to be smarter than usual and not tear anything (been there done that, don’t want to go through it again).

I am going to take at least 72 hours with no running, it might be longer. More on that later. Continue reading “Day 2 In The Books – RunLog 5/12/14”