May 2014 Sucked – Month in Review

The tools of torture or is that rehab
The tools of torture or is that rehab

May – to put it bluntly – sucked!!!

There is no other way to describe my running in May 2014.

On April 30th, I started to do a speed workout on the last really cold day of the year (in shorts) and within 30 seconds of the faster running, I tweaked my left Hamstring. Then about half-way through May, the hamstring was beginning to feel good, I was working outside and like a dummy, jumped off the tailgate of my truck, re-injured the hamstring and haven’t run worth a damn since.

At least I have been mostly smart about rehabbing it, even going so far as seeing a Chiropractor, not running in the Stride Into Summer 5K or Miles for Mills 5K races and resting the hamstring for the most part or as much as I could and still have a life.

So the actual running ended up being just over 60 miles for May. Which is a mile more than I ran in May last year, so I guess it is progress and instead of ending May with a major injury, I am ending it with my injury just about healed and hopefully, I will be running a lot in June this year.

Change to my Blog

However, the one thing that I have done right this month was change the name of my blog, which also changed how I look at my running and write about it.

When I found out that another blogger had a blog called A Runner’s Story for a long time, it was simply too close to what I had named mine A Runnah’s Story and I felt obligated (it was the right thing to do) to change the name of my blog to Ramshackle Runnah.

Which really fits, because I have made a mess of my legs, (feet, ankles, Achilles, knees, hamstrings, hips and never have taken the time to actually clean-up or fix the issues I have had with them for several years. I want to keep running for a long time, so either I can clean-up the mess and run better and in less pain or I can continue to run through the pain and discomfort that I have run through for such a long time.

Every time I do a post now, the title Ramshackle Runnah makes me think about what I am doing and how it impacts my long-term goal of getting my legs healthy and keeping them that way. Does it mean that I will do everything by the book and not make mistakes – no. I am still me and know that I will, but at least I am more aware of the impact of what I am doing will be.

I did update my goals and you can read about it here.


The good news is that I was able to run over 60 miles, the bad news that a lot of it was painful and about 100 miles less than I had planned, so yeah I was disappointed with my running this month.

May Summary

Strava May 2014 Calendar Summary
Strava May 2014 Calendar Summary

An awful lot of DNR on this calendar.

Seth  letting it rain Skechers :-)
Seth letting it rain Skechers 🙂

One thing I did learn over the course of the month while I was talking to Seth at the Skecher’s exhibit last week was that sometimes a typical 7 day cycle does not provide enough rest/recovery time between hard days and that he uses a 9 day or so rotation with 2 days off between hard runs. I am going to look a lot closer at that model, when I get back to running more miles again.

Strava May 2014 Summary
Strava May 2014 Summary

When you have 2 weeks in the single-digits – it isn’t a good sign.


This month was dominated by the injury to my hamstring. It curtailed just about all the running I had planned. However, the rehab work I am doing based on the Wilk’s recovery plan seems to be working and now that I am focusing on eccentric exercises, I have seen a lot of improvement over the past week. I was even able to run pain-free on the 31st for a couple of miles, so that is huge. One thing about all this rehab is that my both of my legs are getting stronger and I am not noticing as much of the multiple niggles that were plaguing me earlier in the year.

If you are interested in all the different injuries I have had over the years, you can read about them here, I know that once I put the list together, I was shocked by the number of things that I have done to myself.

I did learn from visiting my Chiropractor that I have early heel lift, which might be the cause of some of my injury woes over the years, along with a definite lack of flexibility.

Running Shoes

No running shoes are not the answer to my injuries, but they can make a difference in how you run. When you match a shoe that works better for your personal running style, they can help you run more efficiently. Over the past year, I have been the least injured when I run in rockered and flexible bottomed shoes, i.e. Skechers. When talking to the Chiro, due to my early heel lift, he recommended that I continue to run in that style of running shoe.

I had already ordered another pair of Skechers GoRun Ride 2’s before I had my appointment with him, but his comments/recommendations only confirmed what I had thought.  The GRR2’s worked fantastically for me last year and I decided to simply go back to what worked in the past. The only bad thing about the GRR2’s is they are tough to find in an 8 or 8.5, but since the GRR3’s do not work for me and the 4’s won’t be out until November, I had to look around a bit to find a pair. When I found a pair online, I ordered them.

Skechers GoRun Ride 2's -- 5/20/14
Skechers GoRun Ride 2’s — 5/20/14

They are working great and I will be glad when I finally get a chance to actually put some miles on them.

Strava May 2014 Shoe Summary

I still have my GoRun2’s and will be using them for my faster runs/speed work and races when the hamstring heals enough to let me run fast again. Although I did try on the Skechers GoRun Speed 2 (Go Mebs) and loved them, so we will see when a pair suddenly shows up in the rotation.

Flat bottomed shoes, seem to cause my hamstrings to go wah and not feel ready for prime time. So I have put away my Brooks Launch and Green Silence for a while – at least until my hamstring is fully healed and then see if I can add them back into the rotation.



Did Not Start – Gardiner Boys and Girls Club Stride into Summer 5K

The reality is that

The hamstring injury gave me yet another opportunity to stop and look at myself as a runner and what my goals should be.

It also forced me to face that I am not getting any younger and that I need to properly rehab, strengthen and loosen up the scar tissue in my legs, so that I will be able to run in less discomfort/pain over the next 20-30 years.

Changing the name of my blog, while it seems only a small thing to most people, is a big deal for me, because it changes the focus of what/how I write about my running. I am now more focused on cleaning up the mess that my body has become through neglect, harsh use and more than a little stubbornness when it comes to listening to the medical profession.

Oh well time to go do my mobilization and strengthening exercises and do the first run in June, hopefully it will be a better month than May was. I know it will be a better month than June 2013.

5 thoughts on “May 2014 Sucked – Month in Review

  1. I think that in the same way some people take rest days … you might just have to start planning may as a rest MONTH! Ugh, really sucked – and especially re-injuring by jumping off the truck. Crap.

    I do really like the change in the name – and how you have integrated it into your writing and the way you are looking at things … I know you would probably not have ‘ramshackle’ be the fitting adjective, but oh well, right?!?

    1. 3 out of the last 4 years, May has been a crappy month for running, so next year I am going to do everything I can to just get through it injury free.

      Ramshackle might not be the word that I want to describe me or my running, but looking at my history and where I am going, it fits pretty well and forces me to be cognizant or at least acknowledge what I am doing, instead of simply doing. 😉

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