Nice 3.0 Miler – RunLog 6-1-14

Just a little nasty to run on
Just a little nasty to run on

I was a little worried how I would feel today, after running yesterday.

A bit sore, but it was soreness – not pain, so that was cool.

I was walking Bennie this morning and Mary was finishing up her run, so we ran the last 0.7 miles with her. Boy, gotta teach Bennie, not choke himself to death trying to drag me faster than I want to go, but I do make a great anchor.

It was a great warm-up for my run, right after we got back to the house. By the way the weather is gorgeous, mid 70’s, light breeze and lots of sunshine.

Since I was all warmed-up, I took off a little faster than I have been and it actually felt pretty good. Even though it was on the rocks and crap down-back, it was all downhill, so it wasn’t too bad. I only wanted to do 2-3, so I turned around at the ledge (the bump) and came back. I backed off the pace and just trotted along comfortably, even going back up Stevens hill.

Strava stats 6-1-14

When I got back on the tar, I picked it up a little but not too much. I am not trying for speed now, I simply want to run. I felt good enough to go for the extra mile and finished up no problem. Looking at the pace distribution chart, it was right where I wanted to be, primarily in Z2 & Z3, but mostly Z2.

Here is the link to my Strava overview.

After I got through running, I went in the back of the garage and finished up my strength routine and the hamstring barked at the face down hamstring curls at first, but by the time I hit number 20, it was feeling a lot better – tired but better. It is weird how doing eccentric hamstring curls makes it feel better, than when I am doing anything else. So I am now trying to do 40-50 of them a day with about 25 pounds of weight. Then I did 20 squats with about 25 pounds and some quick upper body stuff. Then I did three minutes hanging upside down on my inversion table – which I love and now that the weather has warmed-up a little, I can actually go out and use it.

A good start to June – hell at least I ran, now to get the endurance back and then work on that speed thing :-). At least I am a lot more positive at the end of this week, compared to the end of last week.

2 thoughts on “Nice 3.0 Miler – RunLog 6-1-14

  1. Woohoo! Awesome job – and I’m hoping that June continues to improve for you! It will be hard to keep things in check I’m sure – especially with this gorgeous weather – but hopefully you will succeed more often than not. Can’t ask for much better than that!

    1. Thanks Mike, especially with little to no humidity and we even got in a bumper crop of rhubarb from the neighbor and gonna make up some non-alcoholic rhubarb cordial, along with sauce and some other yummy stuff 🙂

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