Quarry Road 3K Trail Race and BBQ

Quarry Road 3k Start
Quarry Road 3k Start

I ran in my first race since I hurt my hamstring, no I didn’t race, I just ran slowly and enjoyed the run – not something that I can honestly say I have done very often, when I am supposed to be racing.

If you want to see the race photos I took here is the link to the Central Maine Striders Facebook Group.

Hell, I was even relaxed to start the race and didn’t need to line-up 10 minutes early, just so I wouldn’t leave.

It felt good .

Yes, like a big dummy, I was so excited about finishing with the little guy, I forgot to turn off my watch – oh well, not too worried about it.

I was a good boy and didn’t push the hammie too hard and when it started to bark a little after the first mile, I slowed down a little more. It only reminded me not to go hard down the hills or up them, and didn’t bother when I was on the short flat sections. Continue reading “Quarry Road 3K Trail Race and BBQ”

Gorgeous Day for A Run – RunLog 6-3-14

Yes, I did my Kinetic Revolution 30 Day Challenge this morning = 3 for 3 so far, plus a few more exercises that I like from the Wilk book. Then Bennie and I went down to UMA  and walked 3 miles or so on the trails down there.

Bennie looking up the trail at UMA
Bennie looking up the trail at UMA

So yes it was a gorgeous day.

When I got home, I snuck out and did 4.0 miles. No it wasn’t fast and I didn’t try to push, but by golly, gee, wow, I did them and the hamstring behaved itself quite nicely, as long as I behaved myself and didn’t try to stretch it out by going any faster. Continue reading “Gorgeous Day for A Run – RunLog 6-3-14”

National Running Day – So What

Tomorrow is National Running Day – so what!

Who really cares?

Not me.

It seems like a big deal to many in the online running community and a few organizations with ties to running and really that’s about it.

However, even though I have been a runner for a long time, have been involved with the online running community for a few years and use social media to share my running exploits or lack thereof, I am not one of them.

From my perspective National Running Day is just another one of those “days on the calendar” that there are simply too many of.

What is National Running Day?

Well – on its “official” website, this is the description and then the page goes on to list the “partners”. Continue reading “National Running Day – So What”