National Running Day – So What

Tomorrow is National Running Day – so what!

Who really cares?

Not me.

It seems like a big deal to many in the online running community and a few organizations with ties to running and really that’s about it.

However, even though I have been a runner for a long time, have been involved with the online running community for a few years and use social media to share my running exploits or lack thereof, I am not one of them.

From my perspective National Running Day is just another one of those “days on the calendar” that there are simply too many of.

What is National Running Day?

Well – on its “official” website, this is the description and then the page goes on to list the “partners”.

National Running Day, held annually on the first Wednesday in June, is a day when runners everywhere declare their passion for running.

Since 2009, the country’s foremost running organizations have worked together to celebrate our sport with thousands of participants on the first Wednesday of June. We encourage runners to join in by planning a run, spreading the running bug to a friend, signing up for a race, or setting a new goal.

With the hype that I am seeing around the online running community, it is becoming a big deal on blogs, organization websites, etc., but what is it really about?

Who knows?

I will take it at face value, that National Running Day is what the website says it is and yes, I understand the “need” to increase the visibility of running to others.

Probably for most runners, National Running Day will be a day to get together with other runners, support good causes, get a run in with other runners in a non-competitive atmosphere, swap some lies and for many talk or write about it on social media.

How long will it stay something so simple?

Seeing what has happened to other “days” on the calendar – I wonder at what point will the nascent National Running Day (after all it has only existed since 2009), no longer be a celebration of running and instead become a more of a celebration to increase someone’s or some organization’s economic interests or visibility within the running world?

Time will tell.

While its stated goal and aims are great, but…

Do we need a National Running Day?

Personally, I don’t and unfortunately, over the years I have become rather jaded when it comes to these kind of things – pretty sad isn’t it.

A lot of people in running, who are a lot smarter, better connected and active in the running world seem to think we need a special day, so tomorrow, many runners will celebrate National Running Day. Therefore, I wish all of you out there who celebrate National Running Day well and I hope you enjoy the activities that you take part in tomorrow.

I will not be celebrating it with you. I will do what I usually do…take a look at my plan, get changed up, step out the door, start the GPS and head on down the road – going for a run, as long as my body is up to it.

For me every day that I step out the door to run, I am celebrating running and the idea of a National Running Day does nothing for me.

I simply do not care, whether the first Wednesday in June is “supposed” to be a day to celebrate running or not.

Yes, I am becoming such an old fart.

3 thoughts on “National Running Day – So What

  1. haha – you are so right, and this being my first blog-year seeing it, I got suckered right in. One of the comments on my post pointed to a link to someone last year saying similar things to you.

    Basically – ‘National Running Day’ will only be celebrated by people who really don’t need it: runners. If it was something that really helped get the word out about running and did something to encourage people to be more active, that would be great. But really … I don’t see it happening.

    And worse yet, the ‘link up’ post I noted, I saw that it is sponsored by Brooks. So the blogger gets some sort of compensation, Brooks gets attention and sales, and runners go running.

    Crap Harold, you’ve ruined national running day for me … next you’re going to tell me the Easter Bunny isn’t real! 😦 haha

    1. Mike 🙂 Wait a minute, hold the presses, whaddaya mean there is no Easter Bunny, you’ve ruined it for me next year, but at least there will be yellow Peeps hehehe.

      I guess I have gotten so jaded and wonder too much about things that I shouldn’t. I really believe that things like this begin with the greatest of intentions, but does not always end up with the same meaning. So I will just go for my run as usual and celebrate National Running Day the same that I do every day I can by going for a run. :).

      1. haha – that is like my kids, my older son knew certain things were not ‘real’, but was afraid to say anything for fear of it impacting his loot 🙂 SO yes, there will continue to be Peeps and chocolate bunnies and so on 🙂

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