A Good Run Finally – RunLog 6-5-14

Ah finally, I felt as though I had a decent run!

This is the first time since April, I have felt semi-comfortable running. No the hamstring is not 100% and probably never will be.

However, when I ran today, it just felt tight, not painful, which is a huge difference.

I wanted to get my run in before seeing Dr. Lawson, so that I could describe how it felt and I could point directly to where it hurt.

When I started out, the hamstring felt tight, but not painful, but I still felt a little uncoordinated while I was finding a comfortable stride. At about 1/2 mile I started to feel a little smoother and picked-up the pace and kept slowly speeding up until it felt uncomfortable and then I would back off for a bit, then try again.

Strava Stats 6-5-14
Strava Stats 6-5-14

This seemed to work pretty well and I was able to get the pace for the last 2 miles under 8:00. Continue reading “A Good Run Finally – RunLog 6-5-14”