Yeah Probably Too Much – RunLog 6-6-14

Bennie with a Doggie Smile
Bennie with a Doggie Smile

What are you talking about Harold?

I admit it, I probably did a little too much today, not enough to hurt anything, but enough to have my hammie feel a little more sore than it has.

What to hell did you do that for?

Well that is the story, I guess.

This morning I did my usual Mobilization, some stretching, the Kenetic Revolution 30 Day Challenge exercises and then it was time to do Bennie’s long walk. Well yesterday, I got this GREAT or GRAND idea to start running a mile a day with him (cheap extra mileage and good for him).

So we did a little over a mile this morning, we both felt pretty good, my arm wasn’t completely ripped out its socket as I attempted to be his anchor and I wasn’t whipped into the ditch suddenly, as he decided to dart off on the trail of some critter. We stopped for a car that was flying by on the dirt road and walked up to the tar section on Blake.

This was about a half mile and gave him time to re-load from the puddles and do his duties. Continue reading “Yeah Probably Too Much – RunLog 6-6-14”