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Yeah Probably Too Much – RunLog 6-6-14

Bennie with a Doggie Smile

Bennie with a Doggie Smile

What are you talking about Harold?

I admit it, I probably did a little too much today, not enough to hurt anything, but enough to have my hammie feel a little more sore than it has.

What to hell did you do that for?

Well that is the story, I guess.

This morning I did my usual Mobilization, some stretching, the Kenetic Revolution 30 Day Challenge exercises and then it was time to do Bennie’s long walk. Well yesterday, I got this GREAT or GRAND idea to start running a mile a day with him (cheap extra mileage and good for him).

So we did a little over a mile this morning, we both felt pretty good, my arm wasn’t completely ripped out its socket as I attempted to be his anchor and I wasn’t whipped into the ditch suddenly, as he decided to dart off on the trail of some critter. We stopped for a car that was flying by on the dirt road and walked up to the tar section on Blake.

This was about a half mile and gave him time to re-load from the puddles and do his duties.

Bennie enjoying the puddle

Bennie enjoying the puddle

When we turned around, he grabbed the leash with his mouth and started pulling me like “let’s go boss” and he kept doing it until we started running again, then he went into 4 paw drive mode and we were off. We had really slow down a couple of times for vehicles going through, but overall, we just plugged along and Bennie would just look back and say with his facial expressions, you can do it, you old duffer, but let go of that leash and I will show you fast.

The extra mile was unexpected,but not too bad.

We walked for a half mile to get home all the way Bennie had that Doggy-smile thing going.

I had to go into Waterville to get new lenses for my glasses, the old one got rather scratched up when I dropped them on the tar road yesterday, but they are over 4 years old, so it was time for some new ones. While in town, I figured I would go over to Quarry Road and run the 5K loop and a little to get in 3-4 miles at a recovery pace.

I didn’t want to go fast and if I get on the roads, I tend to go faster, the trails are tougher, but I go slower, so it works for me. Even though I could drive my truck or even TheWife’s Corolla just about everywhere I ran today. Quarry Road is definitely not single track, but it does have a bunch of rollers that get to be a pain in the butt, but really help strengthen the legs.

Quarry Road

Quarry Road

When I was coming down the outer loop hill, I had to stop for a minute or two and when I paused my GPS, I hit it one too many times and recorded it, instead of pausing – oh well – never said I was real smaht. I just started up another session, but that is why there are a couple of Strava links here today.

Quarry Road Part 1

Quarry Road Part 2


No, I didn’t run fast, well to be honest I still can’t. The hamstring lets me run, but there is not much back extension of the leg and I use up a LOT of mental energy managing to keep one foot on the gas and one on the brake, while attempting to keep things where the hamstring doesn’t bark at me too much. It is strange, but I feel less pull going uphill, than I do on the flats or downhills.


I did wear my Pearl Izumi N1 Trails and this is the first time that I have actually worn them on trails. I will continue to wear them for the local trail series around here instead of my GRR2’s, the rock plate does make a big difference. Unfortunately, the only thing that I do not like about them, happened even though the course was damp – grit and pebbles got inside the right shoe again.

Yes, I could have stopped and emptied out the shoe, but that is a pain in the butt and if I had stopped, I probably would have simply walked it back in. So I didn’t.

Strava Stats 6-6-14 Quarry Road part 1

Strava Stats 6-6-14 Quarry Road part 1

Strava Stats 6-6-14 Quarry Road part 2

Strava Stats 6-6-14 Quarry Road part 2

Mostly, I while running at Quarry Road I just kept plugging along and didn’t try to speed-up at all, I wanted to stay at above a 10:00 minute pace, work on form, especially keeping my arm swing more of a short, straight style than my usual body crossover. That and my posterior tibialis??? down by my ankle was telling me that I was running a little differently than I have been and it didn’t like it one bit.

I ended up doing about 4.8 total miles at Quarry Road, which is a little more than I expected, but when added on to everything else I did today, it was a little too much for the hamstring and it was telling me it needed some quality time with the ice wrap and then a little tender kneading, along with a date with the hot pad/ice wrap alternating combo later.

No it is not painful, but it is a little sore. The hamstring is not happy about running/walking over 8.0 miles today and then being forced to do all the mobility, stretching, strengthening routine that I put it through at home and at Champions (after I got done at Quarry Road).

2 steps forward, 3 steps back and 1/2 a step forward, so I am getting closer to making progress 😉



    • This is rehab for me 😉 and probably why I will still be longer than I should be. I know what I am supposed to do, I am just terrible at doing it ;-).

      Oh well, I am better than I used to be, at least now I acknowledge that I am being stupid, back then I thought I was doing it right.

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