It Is Getting Warm Outside – RunLog 6-7-14

I guess yesterday wasn’t too much. ๐Ÿ™‚

Even though I thought that I might have over-done it a little, my hammie didn’t feel any worse than usual, actually a little better, when I got up. Which surprised and pleased me a lot. There still feels like a dime-sized piece of scar tissue in there that is irritating the hell out of the hamstring and doesn’t let me run freely, but doesn’t seem to get any worse, if I push through a harder or longer workout.

So that is good news.

Yes, Bennie and I continued our streak of 3 days of at least 1.0 mile run. I have a feeling that this could be one of those long streaks, because he loves to run, it is only a mile and it cuts down the amount of time we spend out with the mosquitoes, blackflies and horseflies.

After that I did my mobilization exercises, but skipped Kinetic Revolutions 30 day Challenge – my body needed a break. Not that it got very much rest, I will get back to it tomorrow. While I was doing the mob exercises TheWife was going to do 5.0 miles, but I wasn’t sure how the leg would respond, so I told her I would meet her over on Blake Road and run back to the house with her.

It was over 70F and a bit humid, but not too bad in the shade, so when I met her, she was struggling pretty bad with the heat and humidity out on Middle Road, so we slowed down and took it easy the rest of the way in and I added on Howard Circle just to get a little extra in. I don’t get a chance to run with the wife very often, so I enjoy the opportunity to do it when I can.

Strava Stats 6-7-14
Strava Stats 6-7-14

Yeah the hamstring still has that whatever that is bothering enough, that I can’t lengthen my stride normally. Oh well, at least I can still run and I felt little glimpses of hope when I was finishing up and I purposely stretched it out for about 10 yards, it almost felt like something wanted to go, but there was still a few adhesions left.

But it is getting closer, I can feel it, now is the time I really need to be careful and not push too hard, too soon.

Then the afternoon was filled with mowing the lawn, cutting up rhubarb for non alcoholic cordial (Mary put up 42 jars of the liquid gold) and just keeping busy.