Yep Definitely Hot – RunLog 6-9-14

The Sun coming 6-9-14
The Sun coming up 6-9-14

Two of the three banks that I drove by had temps over 90 on the way into the Rail Trail and the other one was 88, so it was purty warmish.

So of course, I was running.

I had to go into town, to get a new Weed Wacker at Sears and decided to do the Rail Trail to Hallowell. I started out pretty good and maintained a nice pace down to Hallowell, but when I turned around, I purposely pulled back. I was starting to feel the heat and didn’t want to push it.

Running hard in this kind of heat, just ain’t real smart, especially when I still haven’t acclimated to it yet. Once I slowed down I felt fine and about half-way back, I decided to stop at the Rail Trail Run Shop, which meant adding on an extra mile to the run. It turned out that it wasn’t all that bad. Continue reading “Yep Definitely Hot – RunLog 6-9-14”

Week In Review – 6/8/14

Quarry Road 3K Trail Race Start
Quarry Road 3K Trail Race Start

The hamstring is getting good enough to run on and for that I am pretty damn happy!!!

Does it mean it is fully healed – nope, but it means that I am running and for now that is enough.

Running faster and/or further, will eventually happen, as it gets better and I keep working on my mobilization, stretching and strengthening routines.

One thing that I got back to this week (besides running), is looking at the glass as being half full. I got away from that for a while and didn’t realize how much I was using the words frustrated, disappointed, etc. You know all that negative shit and imagery that can bring us down even further.

I had a couple of opportunities to sit and think about a lot of stuff last week. As a result I have become much more of appreciative of what I have and what I can do and need to focus more on those things and let go of the negative stuff.

So I am.

Is it really that easy – yeah, yeah it is.

This is not rocket science, it is a matter of perspective – that how you look at things or talk about them, instead of always finding fault, looking at what could or is going wrong and ignoring the blessings that we have in our lives. I know that my blessings far out-weigh any of the negatives, so now is the time to focus on the good things in my life and let go of all the negative shit that whirls around in my head. Continue reading “Week In Review – 6/8/14”