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Karma Can Be a Bitch

Yeah - the face of disappointment. Finish - Patriots Day 5 Miler Photo by David Colby-Young

Yeah – the face of disappointment. Finish – Patriots Day 5 Miler Photo by David Colby-Young

Yeah that’s right, Karma can be a bitch and when I stopped and looked back at what I have done over the past couple of months, I realized just how big a one.

What in the hell are you talking about now?

Back in April I had a couple of bad races (you can read about them here and here), about which I pissed, moaned, whined and all those other things that a disgruntled runner, who “knows” they can do better, grumble, grumble, grumble — ad nauseam. In other words “What’s Your Problem – Harold”.

Guess what – after these rants about being “unhappy” with my running – Karma showed up and proceeded to show me just how well I had run.

Since April 30th, I have battled my hamstring issues and haven’t run nearly as well (if at all) since then.

I give up – Karma wins.

Instead of pissing and moaning about how frustrated I am with my racing/running, I am going to change my perspective to being more appreciative of simply being able to run and that I actually enjoy the ability I have to put one foot in front of the other, something that not everyone can do. Being disappointed about a race performance is natural, but I crossed the line and Karma caught up with me.

Needless to say, I appreciate running pain-free and being able to train the way that I want to, much more than I did during those rants about how frustrated and disappointed with my running I had become.

Now I am going to focus more on enjoying my running and if I do not do as well as I want during a race, it is okay to be disappointed, but move on instead of getting my whine-ass on.

Hmmmmmm – time to get ready for my mobilization and Day 8 of Kinectic Revolution’s 30 Day Challenge and a fun run with Bennie. Then a 3.0 miler at an easy pace and tonight go over to Quarry Road to do the 5K Trail race, where I will smile a lot, take more than a few photos, work hard during the race and enjoy the company of other runners post-race.

After I get home look back at the race, what I did, then think about where I can improve, incorporate that into my training and move on, instead of pissing, moaning and groaning about how bad my running is, when in reality it is going pretty damn good.

Maybe Karma will get back on my side.

What do you think?

What do you do to get back on Karma’s good side?




  1. When I look at 2013, for me it was the year I decided that what made me the most happy, what was my ultimate goal – was being able to get up every day and run. If that means I only make small incremental pace improvements, fine. Never BQ? whatever. In fact, I really don’t care what else it means. I love running, and enjoy being healthy enough to do it.

    I am glad I didn’t ever push to the point of being injured – that when my body started sending me clear signals that I chose to listen. I may never be the ‘best’ runner I can be … but I believe I will be happier.

    • I am slowly, but surely heading in your direction, but old habits die hard. That old ultra/over competiveness is/has been my achilles for too many years.

      I want both to be the best runner I can be and be happy, just running everyday too hehehehe, quite a chore sometimes and one that leads me into trouble 🙂

      Oh well, taking it one hop, skip and a jump at a time 🙂

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