Quarry Road Trail 5K Race Recap – 6-10-14

Quarry Road 5K 6-10-14 Photo3 - by TJ Wheeler
Quarry Road 5K 6-10-14 Photo3 – by TJ Wheeler

Race #2 in the Quarry Road Summer Trail Series. So far 2/2 and still having fun with volunteering for setup/cleanup and running the races in between.

Here is the link to the Central Maine Striders Facebook Group page with pre and post race photos. No during the race photos this year from me.

  • Distance: 3.1
  • Time: 27:08
  • Pace: 8:44
  • Shoes: Skechers GoRun Ride 2. A slight change here, I added in the removable rock plate from some old Altra Superiors to reduce pointy rock syndrome. Once I trimmed them a little, it worked like a charm.
  • Place: 28/69

I started out comfortably and didn’t push the pace at the beginning, my plan was to get past the first hill and then pick up the pace, which is what I did until between 2.0 and 2.5 miles, when I took a digger and ate dirt. I got back up and started running again, but had to stop to check out the damage – nothing serious, a few scraps and embedded dirt and a little blood, but hey the trail gods demand that once in a while. 😉

However, I just couldn’t get the pace back and just plodded in. Continue reading “Quarry Road Trail 5K Race Recap – 6-10-14”