Maine Veteran Memorial Cemetery Run – RunLog 6-12-14

What a GREAT day for a run, it was drizzling, mid 50’s and hardly any wind. Conditions that I find just about perfect for a good run.

We had to put new front tires on the old Corolla, so as usual instead of sitting around and twiddling my thumbs, I went for a run. Well I had never run from the Mall before and had a choice, either get across a busy 4-lane highway to go run on the UMA trails or go out the back gate by Kohls, to the Old Belgrade Road and run out  there.

I didn’t feel like soaking down my shoes, so I went ahead and took off for the Old Belgrade Road. Luckily the road wasn’t too busy and after I crossed the I-95 bridge I slowed down a little

There was the Military Cemetery

Maine Military Cemetary - Google Maps
Maine’s Veteran Memorial Cemetery – Google Maps

The one that they will probably put my ass in one day.

I thought to myself, I might as well go in there take a look around the place that this old body will probably spend an eternity in.

I had never been in there before.

At first I felt as though I was intruding, but then I got to thinking, these might be my neighbors someday, isn’t it better to take a look around now, while I am upright and can appreciate the beauty of the spot. Besides once I am dead and buried, I would want to have the living running around where I am planted.

I guess I am more of the Irish Wake type than the old solemn, quiet sort, when it comes to talking about death and dying. I want others to celebrate the life I have lived laughing, joking around and swapping a few bawdy lies about me, instead of sitting quietly, saying nice things about me, which are probably lies any way.

It had a few bumps for hills and actually it was pretty peaceful. No cars screaming by and there was a burial in progress as I was running by, so I took my hat off, to show my respects. As far as cemeteries go, it was well maintained and with the rainy day – well everything just seemed appropriate.

No I didn’t stop to get any photos, I didn’t think putting pictures of where I think that I will be buried someday is something that should be part of a blog post at this point.

I just ran comfortably and didn’t hurry, it didn’t seem like the right place to be huffing and puffing.

Nice place to visit, I just don’t want go there for the long sleep any time soon. Especially when I am planning on it being at least 30-40 years in the future.

As I left, I stopped did an about-face to those who stayed, hand saluted and simply said “Someday”. Wiped some rain off my face and slowly ran out the back gate.

It is a run that I will remember. Continue reading “Maine Veteran Memorial Cemetery Run – RunLog 6-12-14”