Didn’t Quite Beat the Rain – RunLog 6-13-14

Weather Map 6-13-14
Weather Map 6-13-14

After this morning’s “fun” run down-back with Bennie (more on that later), I decided to drive into Waterville and run in-town for a couple of reasons:

  1. not quite so many hills – still trying to behave myself a little
  2. the screamin meanies are just miserable down-back – in other words the mosquitoes are clouding in and threatened to pick Bennie and I up this morning and carry us off into the woods.

The weather when I left the house was pouring rain and I was thinking that my planned 10K was gonna be on the treadmill at Champions. Now I don’t mind running in a little rain, but downpours, just make it fairly miserable and if I have a choice, I will take the treadmill versus the downpour. Luckily, it stopped raining about the Waterville town line and wasn’t even sprinkling when I got to Colby.

When looked at the radar image, there was a nice window before the rain would get there. Which meant I had to move my ass to get going and didn’t do my new pre-run warm-up. I got in my 100-ups, but that was all.

I struggled with that first mile – actually it sucked. My legs felt like lead weights, my lower back was stiff and I couldn’t seem to get my breath, it was like I was running at about a 6:30 pace, but when my watch told me I had gone a mile, it was over a 9:00 minute pace. At that point, I thought to myself, this run is not going to be one of those fun ones and forced myself to pick-up the pace – a lot. Continue reading “Didn’t Quite Beat the Rain – RunLog 6-13-14”

Skechers GoRun Ride 2 – 50 Mile Review

Okay, what’s up Harold, why are you doing a 50 mile review of a shoe that is now discontinued and getting more and more like hen’s teeth to find?

Skechers Go Run Rode 2's
Skechers Go Run Ride 2’s


To be brutally honest, they work for me that is why.

This is my third pair of Skecher’s GoRun Ride 2’s. Continue reading “Skechers GoRun Ride 2 – 50 Mile Review”