Didn’t Quite Beat the Rain – RunLog 6-13-14

Weather Map 6-13-14
Weather Map 6-13-14

After this morning’s “fun” run down-back with Bennie (more on that later), I decided to drive into Waterville and run in-town for a couple of reasons:

  1. not quite so many hills – still trying to behave myself a little
  2. the screamin meanies are just miserable down-back – in other words the mosquitoes are clouding in and threatened to pick Bennie and I up this morning and carry us off into the woods.

The weather when I left the house was pouring rain and I was thinking that my planned 10K was gonna be on the treadmill at Champions. Now I don’t mind running in a little rain, but downpours, just make it fairly miserable and if I have a choice, I will take the treadmill versus the downpour. Luckily, it stopped raining about the Waterville town line and wasn’t even sprinkling when I got to Colby.

When looked at the radar image, there was a nice window before the rain would get there. Which meant I had to move my ass to get going and didn’t do my new pre-run warm-up. I got in my 100-ups, but that was all.

I struggled with that first mile – actually it sucked. My legs felt like lead weights, my lower back was stiff and I couldn’t seem to get my breath, it was like I was running at about a 6:30 pace, but when my watch told me I had gone a mile, it was over a 9:00 minute pace. At that point, I thought to myself, this run is not going to be one of those fun ones and forced myself to pick-up the pace – a lot.

I have gotten used to running slower and now that my hammie is slowly starting to feel better (especially after the Chiro found the “spot” yesterday and about killed me, while doing a little/lot of trigger point therapy), I will have to re-acclimate to running faster again.

It will take some work and mental toughening up to get the rust off and pick the pace up, but I know what I have to do and once that hamstring finally releases, I can start doing some strides after my workouts and maybe even a little track work once July gets here.

Strava Stats 6-13-14
Strava Stats 6-13-14

I was able to drop the pace by almost a minute for miles 2 and 3, before my lack of conditioning began to rear its ugly head and the elephant began to jump on my back. I know that I slowed down a lot over the last couple of miles, but at the same time I didn’t feel completely like crap, like I usually do over this part of this course. So that was promising, even if it was slower than I wanted.

Yeah, the rain caught me just before I got to Pleasant St. and while it didn’t reach downpour status it was coming down pretty steady.

Overall, a pretty decent run and one of the longer ones that I have had in while, plus the temp according to Fred’s Coffee was 62F and light rain are actually stuff that I enjoy running in.

Bennie Run

Earlier this morning Bennie and I did a couple of miles, my lower back was still really stiff and more than a little sore from the digger I took at Quarry Road Tuesday night, so we started out slower than usual, which put Bennie straight into over-paw-drive. Which didn’t help my back, since I had his leash attached to my waist pack. This was the first time I had tried this combination and well just before the 1/2 mile mark, it came apart and Bennie started to run ahead.

Oh crap, when he does that it takes forever to get him back. For some reason, when I told him to stop he did ????? A first time for everything! As I quickly gathered up my waist pouch and grabbed for the leash, he came trotting back, looking at me like, well what hell are you doing, we are supposed to be running.

One thing about that little stop, the screamin meanies found us and kept pace with us for the rest of the time we were out there – that part really sucked. In a couple of places it did force us to pick up the pace a little more than I wanted to, but they were threatening to carry us off into the woods and do unmentionable things to our bodies. Damn little vampires.

After I got everything situated again, I held on to the leash and we were off and running again, only this time Bennie took a hold of the leash and tried to pull me to go faster. Oh well, I have a speed demon for a dog and he has an anchor for a running partner. Maybe later this summer, I can do some serious speed work with him and do a lot of laughing at him when we are done.

Strava Bennie Run 6-13-14
Strava Bennie Run 6-13-14

Two days in a row at 2.0 miles, I think that is about where I want to keep him for a while. I am basically doing two-a-days now and do not want to over-do it too much, although I am sure I already am, but I am having fun running with Bennie and the leg doesn’t seem to be bothered by it too much.

Now I just have to remind Bennie that just because my watch beeps, does not mean it is time to run like hell, because now every time it does, he looks at me like are we headed out now boss, :-)….but that doggie smile when we are done is priceless.

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