Skechers GoRun Ride 2 – 50 Mile Review

Okay, what’s up Harold, why are you doing a 50 mile review of a shoe that is now discontinued and getting more and more like hen’s teeth to find?

Skechers Go Run Rode 2's
Skechers Go Run Ride 2’s


To be brutally honest, they work for me that is why.

This is my third pair of Skecher’s GoRun Ride 2’s.

3 Pair of Skechers GoRun Ride 2's 2/20/14
3 Pair of Skechers GoRun Ride 2’s 2/20/14

and for me finding shoes that I can run in hasn’t been an easy thing over the years. I am so damned finicky and when you add in a Tailor’s Bunionette to the mix, well things get complicated.

After my most recent injury, I decided to go ahead and go back to the shoes that I have run the most injury-free in recently.

Which are the GRR2’s.

Unfortunately, the 3rd generation didn’t work for me, more because of a structural defect in my foot than anything being wrong with the GRR3’s or other similarly constructed shoes in the Skecher’s line, i.e. the GR3’s or GRU’s.

It took a bit to find this pair and I have a feeling that the next pair of GRR2’s will be even harder to find, but it will still worth it, at least until I get to see what the NEXTGEN Skechers GoRun models feel like on my feet.

It is strange, because last year when I started running in the Skechers Performance line of running shoes, I was coming off an injury and successfully returned to running in the GRR2’s. Here I am coming off yet another injury and I am successfully returning to running in another pair of Skechers GRR2 running shoes. Funny how things work out sometimes.


What do I like about the GRR2’s?

  • Comfortable
  • The wide toe box
  • No sewn in overlays on the upper
  • Flexible
  • No heel counter
  • Have a rockered sole unit

and finally they are comfortable – oh yeah I said that already didn’t I, but it is the biggest reason that I like these shoes so much, they just fit my foot and the way that I run.

I have made two changes to the stock GRR2:

  1. Put in LockLaces – I just like the feeling that I have with these combined with the GRR2’s
  2. Since I have run some trail races this summer and don’t have a pair of trail shoes now, I have used the GRR2’s. The only problem is that on the rockier trails at Quarry Road or when I run down-back on the dirt road, I have to look out for rocks in the GRR2’s.
    Skechers GoRun Ride 3 w/emovable Altra Superior rock plate
    Skechers GoRun Ride 3 w/removable Altra Superior rock plate

    So I took the removable rock plate that were in my old Altra Superiors, did some trimming and put them in the GRR2’s. They worked like a charm! I don’t notice the rocks nearly as much and it is a lot more comfortable to run on rocky surfaces. However, the GRR2’s are not really trail running shoes, but will do until I can find a pair and then see what Skechers has up sleeve for trail running.

What don’t I like about the GRR2’s

That the sole unit collects rocks in the heel unit.


However, Skechers fixed this issue in the GRR3’s, so it is not an issue now.

The reality is that

The GRR2’s are not for everyone, but they sure work for me. Unfortunately, they have been discontinued and are difficult to find.

Now to wait until November, when the next generation of Skecher’s performance shoes will be arriving. I have a feeling that TheWife isn’t going to be happy, because from the samples I have seen, I am impressed and can’t wait to try them OR is that buy a pair.

2 thoughts on “Skechers GoRun Ride 2 – 50 Mile Review

  1. Have you considered ordering them online? I see them at Amazon, but not sure about availability, etc. As you have said, they are only going to get less and less available.

    I also wonder if you can figure out dimensionally what makes them work so well for you and see what other shoes come closest to that balance … hmmm, I wonder if that is actually any better than just trying on a bunch. Oh well, hopefully in the next revision they will fix things for you!

    1. Mike – that is the only way I can get them now. It is the size that is getting hard to find. eBay is one of few places and that is getting to be hit or miss. I am really hoping/planning on the next generation being part of solution 🙂

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