Double-Digit Surprise – RunLog 6-18-14

This morning we had to take the Corolla in to replace the fuel lines and gas fill pipe (you know the routine 14-year-old vehicle and Maine winters), which I thought was going to take 3-4 four hours. Which meant that I had some extra time this morning for a nice run.

I planned on 6 miles or so and then going home to run a couple with Bennie.

After I got going, I was feeling pretty good, even though it was pretty muggy, the temps were still in the 60’s and it was overcast/foggy, so the weather conditions were not outlandish yet.

When I got to 3.0 miles, my legs were feeling really good (the hammie was there, but wasn’t bothering as long as I stayed slow), so I kept going. I am glad that I did, it was a big confidence building run. I really believe that all the strength, mobilization and stretching work that I have done over the past month and half have made a difference and hopefully will pay the dividends that I am looking for.

However, I was a good boy and didn’t pick up the pace, worked on my form and maintained a comfortable pace, which was a really good thing.

Strava Pace Elevation 6-18-14
Strava Pace Elevation 6-18-14

The temps/humidity were climbing, so I was running more by effort than time. I was feeling a little too froggy on the way out and ran all the way down to the Gardiner Rail Trail head and had to contend with those conditions without any hydration with me. So I wasn’t totally ready for running 10.+ miles, but at that point, I had to get back to ACAR.  Continue reading “Double-Digit Surprise – RunLog 6-18-14”