First Runs in Skechers GoBionic Trails-RunLog 6-19-14

Okay, what is the deal with getting all the last year’s shoes, that are now discontinued and then actually writing like it means something?

Skechers GoBionic Trails
Skechers GoBionic Trails

These shoes are old frigging news and the rest of the world has moved on to newer, brighter and shinier shoes that are hip and now.

For the Long Explanation and what I thought about the GoBionic Trails read through, otherwise – it came down to where and how much I actually run in trail shoes, yes – price was a factor and yep, I like them.

After my other trail shoes decided to take a divit out of my right middle toe, which is an automatic no more of this crap for me. I decided that I needed a different pair of trail running shoes, since my GoRun Ride 2’s definitely are not trail shoes and nothing else in my collection works well on the trails I run on.

So much to TheWife’s displeasure I went out and got another pair of running shoes.

Yep I went back in the dog house – hmmm when did I get out from last time…I guess I must have escaped or something. 🙂

I did my usual search of the trail shoes that were out there and the pros and cons that they bring to the table. There are LOTS of great technical trail running shoes, with lots of great recommendations, but sadly also with some pretty tough to swallow prices.

Then I got to really thinking, my trail running is more dirt roads with LOTS of rocks i.e. Down-back; Quarry Road, which is rocky and hilly, but where I wouldn’t hesitate to drive my truck;, the trails at Colby, Messalonskee Stream, the Arboretum, UMA or Bond Brook in Augusta, with an occasional trip out to the Belgrade Highlands.

Really they are not THAT technical or have big multi-thousand foot changes in vertical over the course of a run. They are pretty much park runs, cross country skiing trails, with a few single-track stuff thrown in once in a while, with bumps and hills, but no bogs, fells or mountains to overcome. Also, I don’t see me running much more than an occasional long run and will most likely be running under 10 miles (let’s make that 5 miles) on trails. No I do not have any plans to do any trail marathons or Ultras anytime soon.

In other words, my trail running is not really all that difficult. Plus when I take into account that I run slowly, really slow on trails.

I just do not have that derring-do anymore to bomb down hills, jump rocks/streams like a sprightly spirit or nimbly avoid roots and rocks like I used to. I guess too many falls and the fact that I do not bounce like I used to.

There is something about running in the woods that relaxes and recharges me like nothing else. Now I use the trails much more as recovery time for my body and mind, even when I am “racing” on trails.

So based on all that, I know that I really do not need a super-expensive technical trail running shoe.

Last winter the GoBionic Trails were the runners-up when I searched for a pair of trail/winter running shoes. Basically, the reason that I didn’t get them were the thin tongue and because of some reviews that were not positive of how they worked in the snow and cold, I live in Maine – enough said. Well it certainly is not snowing and cold out now (at least not here) and I was able to find a pair on eBay in my size for under $50.00.

Based on everything that I know about Skechers Performance Division running shoes and had read/seen/know about the GoBionic Trail, it was an easy choice for me to hit the Buy Now button.

I got them in Wednesday and took them out for a 2.0 mile run/walk (1/2 mile run) and they felt fine. I didn’t like the slippery feeling of the insole, so I put in another pair that I have kept around for just this kind of thing. Once I did that, they felt great.

Bennie Run at the Arboretum

The path to the Arboretum in Augusta
The path to the Arboretum in Augusta

This morning Bennie and I traveled over to the Viles Arboretum in Augusta and did a SLOW recovery run, I didn’t mind so much when Bennie stopped and sniffed today, after yesterday’s 10 miler, but that first stop and squat was pretty damn sudden. At about .3 miles in all of sudden my arm snaps back and he has stopped in the middle of the trail. Yes I cleaned it up and no, it wasn’t fun carrying a bag of warm poop until I found a trash can. I know TMI.

Strava Bennie Run 6-19-14
Strava Bennie Run 6-19-14

I know that I needed the slower pace, so we just trotted around, Bennie was too busy exploring to really get into running mode and we finally came out on the tar road. I haven’t been down to the end, so we jogged down there and back, stopping at a few puddles to let Bennie get a drink. I like running at the Arboretum, it isn’t too hard, just some roots, rocks and some slick spots with a little mud.

The GoBionic Trails – did exactly what I wanted from them during the run on the trails and on the tar road. They felt extremely comfortable and had good grip in the field portions, when I purposely ran through the muddy sections they did fine and on the rocks and roots, while I could feel them, they did not kill my feet like they do in my other shoes. When we ran on the tar, they felt smooth and didn’t have that trail shoe rumble that you often feel when wearing aggressively lugged trail shoes.

Mowed the Lawn

Then this afternoon I did 2 hours of mowing the lawn – that tuckered me out pretty good. I needed to sit down for a 1/2 hour, rehydrate and rest the legs a little.

The Yard right after mowing it this afternoon
The Yard right after mowing it this afternoon

I had to go into Waterville to some errands, so I decided to test the GoBionic Trails (GBT) on the upper Colby trails, without holding on to Bennie’s leash. Yeah, I admit it sometimes, I am not that smaht ;-).

Colby Upper Trails

They handled the park-like roads, errr trails up on top with no problem.

Colby - Upper Trails
Colby – Upper Trails

Even though my legs were pretty crunchy – I decided to go down towards the stream and play around on a few single tracks down there. That got a lot squishy, which what I wanted and why I look like I was walking in a few places on the pace chart, I prefer my legs in one piece, so I took it slow and careful down there.

The GBT’s handled the mud and goop pretty well – at least as well as any other trail shoes I have had.

Strava Stats 6-19-14
Strava Stats 6-19-14

The GBT’s got quite the workout yesterday and showed me that they were comfortable to run in, had enough traction for the type of trail running that I do, they didn’t bother my right bunionette at all. The GBT’s have enough built-in protection to let me run without worrying about how bad my feet will feel after a run.

Yeah, my legs were toast, coming back up the hill to get back to the truck was an effort, but I made it all the way up! Something that I have not always done, especially in 81 degree weather.

The reality is that

Skechers GoBionic Trail
Skechers GoBionic Trail

Overall, I am very happy with my new Skechers GoBionic Trails.

They are enough trail shoe for the trails that I actually run around heah and yes, the price was right.

Hell, they even worked well on the tar road that we ran on this morning, but I wouldn’t want to make a steady diet of that kind of running in the GBT’s, I have a feeling that they would wear out pretty quickly if I did.

It is unfortunate that Skechers has discontinued this style of trail shoe from their line-up. Not everyone will like or can wear the GoRun Ultra and having a more traditional trail shoe as an option, (because I do not consider this a minimal trail running shoe), is an option that I like so far.

I have a feeling that I will be putting a few trail miles on them over this summer and fall, then when winter comes howling, they should be ready to become a pair of screw shoes for me.

I do know that this two-a-day stuff is tough, but hey it is helping to get me into shape and as long as I don’t try to be Speedy Gonzalez too often, it shouldn’t bother me too much, after all I am 10 feet tall and bulletproof – right. Back to that Ramshackle Runnah for a bit – hehehe

2 thoughts on “First Runs in Skechers GoBionic Trails-RunLog 6-19-14

  1. I think the whole focus on the ‘new bright shiny’ is really more of a problem. I mean, think about it – the Saucony Kinavara 4 was the best new thing a year or so ago … but now we’re supposed to scramble out and grab the Kinvara 5’s and the 4’s are now trash? On the upside you can get them for $50-60 … but even over the last two months since the 5s came out availability of the 4 is dropping.

    All of which ends with you grabbing them on eBay like you have to do!

    I would love if they did it like Smartphones – you can get last year’s model for cheaper. But the problem I see is that the production costs would’t justify the profits … and I am SURE that having the lower end would cannibalize the new models.

    As for shoes, I remain torn on the Merrell AllOut Rush – I think they are, like you say, too technical for the trails I run when I get out there. I know in the hills around Cornell in Ithaca and in northern Pennsylvania there are some serious trails … I just haven’t gotten there yet … so similar to what you are saying, I could really use something in between – but am not willing to pay the $. 🙂

    1. This has been the marketing model of the running shoe world, since I have been following it fairly seriously back in the mid ’70s. It means stocking up on models that work well for us and then having to search for replacements that work as well.

      I haven’t run in Merrell’s yet and if I keep liking Skechers like I am, probably will not for a while, but I know what you are saying. I know that I am not going to run the Mountains or the Appalachian Trail, even though parts of it are within easy driving distance and I know that I am not going to do a trail ultra any time soon. So my trail running shoe needs are not the same as trail runners who put mega-mileage on their shoes.

      My longest trail run this year will probably be nothing longer than 10 miles and if I do that I will be very surprised. So I can get by with less trail shoe than many other runners.

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